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    Unfortunately, this post belongs to the “I Resent” series and doesn’t provide much useful information, however, perhaps it will warn those who are going to change the operator and draw the attention of Yota representatives to the problem, but there’s not much hope for it (but at least, will not allow changing the conditions retroactively).


    I want to share the problems that arose with the named operator, whom I considered the best on the market. Alas, apparently everything is coming to an end. Two cases will be considered, unlawful blocking of a resource and tariffication contrary to tariffs.
    Let's get started ...


    When Yota appeared on the market as a mobile operator, I almost immediately switched to them, since the ideology and conditions against the backdrop of the Big Three were like a breath of fresh air: no stars and footnotes, lots of tariffs, options, packages, and more. Everything is clear and understandable: I want so many minutes, here is the slider, here is the amount of the monthly fee. When Yota canceled unlimited Internet access, I was not really upset, I do not spend much traffic, with new tariffs it became possible to pay even less. Support always responded quickly and efficiently.


    The first bell was a problem with access to the documentation for the Home-Assistant, I actively use this thing and often look at the help for the components. However, in October the site became unavailable. Yota tech support was concise: Roskomnadzor. But I’m meticulous, I thought, why not ask the ILV on what, in fact, this resource is blocked. The ILV sent (after long enough butts in an email correspondence) an official, authenticated with an electronic signature, an answer in which it was explicitly stated that the resource was not listed in the blocking lists. I was happy to forward this answer to Yota, believing that if there is a decision of the ILV, then the resource will be unlocked, but it wasn’t there. Yota came up with the fact that even though the domain name is not blocked, the IP address on which the site is located is blacklisted for the company with the entire subnet. Well, OK, maybe the guys do not know how to use nslookup, I did it for them and sent information about an alternative IP, through which the site is accessible and which is not blocked in the territory of the Russian Federation. However, according to the answer of Yota tech support, they cannot reconfigure domain resolvers to other IPs, and all that is proposed to be done in this situation is to reconcile. I sent a written complaint on this issue (there is no answer yet) and switched to OpenNIC DNS, however this does not solve the problem on a mobile where you cannot set your own DNS server.

    The second problem, which became the last straw and prompted to publicize this, is related to tariffs. I am a practical person and I like to optimize, so I figured that I do not slander 100 minutes (the minimum package of minutes per month), moreover, I usually do not slander 50 rubles (the cost of this package) either. Therefore, I took the opportunity to choose 0 minutes and pay per minute. And then strange things started. On the official site, the link "more about the tariff" lists all (in fact, no) the nuances of tariffing, namely:


    But now a new billing period has come and I was surprised to find that in the official application another figure appears: "from 2.9r / min." My fair question about how, on the website it is written in black and white that 2.5r / min, I had to ask four (!) Yota employees, and each time I received different answers, both in content and in terms of adequacy .

    The first employee did not really get into the core of the problem at all, threw off a link to a detailed description of the tariff (which is hidden in About -> Documents), and said that he would write a paper claim for further inquiries. I studied this document and found two points related to this issue:



    Okay, as it turned out, in the absence of a package of minutes, special conditions apply (about which there is not a word in the description on the tariff page, even a footnote), the tariffing is based on the so-called The “base” tariff. We look at its description:


    And again there is not a single mention of the number 2.9! The second manager, having familiarized himself with the correspondence, said that the colleague was sealed up, the tariffing is of course 2.5r, everything is fine, they say if you do not believe me, look at the details. And the fact that in Appendix 2.9p is fixable.
    Since the new tariff has just entered into force, I have not had calls yet, and I decided to check. I called, chatted for 2 and a half minutes (which Yota kindly rounded to three) and, after making simple mathematical calculations, I found out that 2.9r / min was charged. With newfound knowledge, I again turned to support. The third manager reported that the first colleague was right and the second was not, and the wrong region was suggested as the reason for the difference in tariff and real value. Of course, I checked:


    I was again advised to write a paper claim and buy a package of minutes, which is profitable. As a result, the fourth manager finally admitted that the information on the site is not true, and they will fix it. Unfortunately, information about exactly where the incorrect billing is indicated on the site (I recall that the figure 2.5 appears in at least two sections), as well as how long the website provided false, in fact, information was refused to me. Recalculate the charge according to the current prices on the site - too.

    Finally a little lyrics

    The point, of course, is not the extra 40 kopecks, I still don’t particularly call. The case with regard to customers, when it is possible to charge against the prices on the website, to spit on the failure to provide services to customers, hiding under ILV (which contradicts their agreement, which clearly states that the operator is obliged to provide communication services of adequate quality), to keep incompetent employees unfamiliar with own tariff line and one after another refuting the words of previous colleagues and so on. The saddest thing is that this is happening at one of the best representatives of the operator’s estate and there’s simply no one to leave, except to refuse mobile communication at all. But I believe that this should be made public, perhaps sooner or later a critical mass will be gained.

    UPD The application has been considered, the conditions on the site have been changed, now when you select 0 minutes under the General conditions block, additional conditions appear with a tariff of 2.9r / min.

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