Black Friday week in Madrobots 2: three days time

    November ends, and with it the Black Friday Week at Madrobots. It was a busy time. I want to think that we managed, and did not disappoint anyone. But the show must go on! Three days left. We tell about interesting gadgets with discounts that did not manage to be swept from the virtual shelves.

    We remind you: for some of the goods the price has already been dropped. They have crossed the price tag. For others, you must enter the promotional code BF2018.

    Thule backpacks - up to 30% discount on promo code BF2018

    Nature lover Eric Thulin founded Thule in Sweden in 1942. He began by selling his fishing gear of his own invention. Half a century later, his brainchild continues to create practical and useful things. For example, recognizable backpacks with a distinctive strict design and a large number of convenient pockets.

    A typical Thule backpack is an all-rounder that is equally good in everything, but still has a specific purpose. The Thule Crossover TCBP-317 model , for example, is a city backpack for carrying a laptop and gadgets. There is enough space in it to pack for a short trip - the volume of TCBP-317 is 25 liters.

    Most importantly, everything you need will be laid out "on the shelves." In the spacious main compartment is a reinforced compartment for a 15-inch laptop and a pocket for a tablet. Auxiliary compartment is designed as an organizer for things with pockets and elastic bands for pens. This will fit small gadgets, charging, paper and other small things. At the top of the backpack is a shockproof SafeZone compartment for glasses and a smartphone, and a vertically opening pocket is located under it. On both sides - bottle / umbrella holders. The back of the backpack is breathable, like the straps; the latter has an adjustable chest strap. The fabric is durable, waterproof, unobtrusive colors: gray in a white dot.

    Interior designers DIY House - 30% discount

    On one of these designers, we wrote a detailed review with photos of the assembly and the finished result . Briefly recall that the series DIY House consists of kits for assembling rumboks. Rumbox is a venerable art of creating miniature copies of interiors. While some color spacemarines paint, others build realistic flowers and furniture from tiny pieces of paper and fabric.

    Each DIY House kit has almost everything you need: paper, fabric, wood, glue, paint, wire, tiny blanks for smaller household items. You will need your scissors as you would a knife, but detailed instructions in Russian are attached to the kit. Making a thumbnail is both easier and more difficult than it seems. The process is pleasant and relaxing, the Madrobots team guarantees this.

    Set DIY House Orangery

    The final touch is the working illumination of the rumbox. All elements for its assembly are also included in the kit, you will only have to "hold the light." Consider that DIY House designers have an age limit and are suitable for collectors from 14 years old. Tiny elements and silicate glue for young children is not a toy.

    Smart garden iGarden LED - 20% discount

    Have you ever tried to grow something fastidious and edible on your own window? With iGarden LED smart garden, any of your gardening experiments are doomed to success, even if you had previously dried cacti.

    The gadget is a hydroponic with automatic backlight. Plants are planted in two containers with a special substrate - vermiculite. Containers are placed in a basic tank of water, and an LED lamp of artificial light is attached to it.

    It would seem that iGarden LED is a simple system, but it solves many problems with residential gardening at once. The backlight is installed on a convenient stand, its height is adjustable. Water is supplied to the roots from the reservoir, if you need to add a little more - the garden will warn. Since there is no land, there is no dirt. You can plant lettuce, greens, strawberries, tomatoes, decorative crops. As a rule, in hydroponics and with lighting, plants grow and develop quickly.

    Foreo ISSA 2 Electric Toothbrush - 20% off promo code BF2018

    Sonic toothbrush ISSA 2 developed by the Swedish company Foreo differs from competing products in its rare “vitality”. Its battery lasts for a year of daily cleaning. That is, with another brush, you need to carefully monitor the battery so that the gadget is not discharged at the most inopportune moment (when you overslept the alarm and hurriedly going to work). ISSA 2 is enough to put on charge once a year for one hour. Agree, these are two big differences.

    The brush speed is 11,000 pulsations per minute. There are 16 switchable intensity levels and a timer with a cleaning program for each quarter of the oral cavity. On the back of the head there is a tongue scraper.

    The head and body of the brush are made of branded non-porous silicone, its main advantage is that due to the absence of pores, the brush does not turn into a hotbed of bacteria and other unpleasant organisms. It can be washed once and not worry about hygiene. In addition to silicone, a PBT polymer was used for the head, from which the central bristles were made. Silicone bristles on the edges do not injure the gums, the polymer in the center gently removes plaque and does not scratch the enamel. The service life of such a head reaches 6 months.

    Wireless headphones Bose QuietComfort 35 (QC35) II - 20% discount

    Maybe not everyone listened to Bose headphones, but many have heard about them, and especially about the proprietary active noise cancellation system. The system generates white noise and shields the user from unwanted sounds on the street and in rooms. Traffic noise, loud music and conversations are well blocked. However, the traditional neighbor drill has every chance to break through the barrier. Alas, this is not magic. This is a technique.

    Model Bose QuietComfort 35 II suppresses extraneous sounds simultaneously with the help of active and passive noise reduction, that is, the material and shape of the headphones. The cups are oval and completely cover the ears, the ear cushions are soft, the whole design fits comfortably on most of the heads.

    The frequency range of the QC35 II is 20–20 000 Hz, the bass is strongly pronounced, the mid frequencies sound good. It is worth noting that active noise cancellation does affect the quality of the music being played, but only audiophiles usually notice this.

    Headphones work wirelessly, connecting to a sound source via Bluetooth, and wired, for which a detachable cable is provided. The battery lasts for 20 hours of operation QC35 II. In addition, the model supports work with the voice assistant Google Assistant.

    Black Friday week in Madrobots will last until November 30 inclusive. On the sale page you can find more discounts on developmental designers for children, backpacks - including the famous "anti-theft" backpacks XD Design Bobby, smart scales, levitating lamps and other products.

    Have a great Black Friday!

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