Happy Programmer Day :)

    Dear users of the Habrasociety, I hasten to congratulate you on this wonderful 256th day of the year!

    Unfortunately, this year's programmer's day fell on Monday, so I advise you not to go too far with the evening celebrations.


    A formidable priest of machine codes, He will reach the
    sky-high heights
    , and along the way,
    everything will be digitized.
    In this case, he is frantic,
    Even to hold back the time ...
    In general, like this: Happy Programmer’s Day!
    Enter! That is, pah, cheers!

    I would like to wish everyone good code, worthy and interesting projects, knowledgeable customers, less to meet with bydlocode and always solve unsolvable problems!

    And a short video about the life of a programmer

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