3CX Phone System v15 Development Plans

    Changing the internal architecture of the 3CX v15 required a significant amount of work. We made the new version very flexible and extensible. Therefore, despite the fact that in the initial release the system’s functionality did not differ much from v14, we will add many interesting new features in the coming months.

    To better understand the future capabilities of the system, we share development plans. Note that it is not always possible to guarantee the exact release dates, because some functions require the participation of third-party companies. But we can say with confidence that we will implement the functions below in the specified time frame.

    3CX Customer Updates

    In v15, 3CX client updates will not depend on server service packs. This simplifies and speeds up the release of updates, removing the burden of thorough mutual testing from us and the 3CX administrators. Of course, to activate additional functions in the client, you still need to install the service package on the server. In the coming weeks it is expected:

    • 3CX Client for Mac Update
    • CRM Integration Template Release

    Release Date: July - August

    v15 Service Pack 1

    • Full localization of the server and client interface
    • Unified call information display interface
    • Adding support for third-party applications through the Call Control API

    Release Date: July - August

    v15 Service Pack 2

    This will be a major update with a number of new features:

    • Features of the 3CX Hotel Module will appear in the editions of PRO and Enterprise
    • Convenient management of extensions connected through FXS gateways and DECT bases
    • Group operations with extension numbers, DID lines, etc.
    • Fine-tune administrative access to the 3CX management interface
    • Possible: cloud (multi-tenant) version 3CX v15

    Release Date: September - October

    v15 Service Pack 3

    At the moment, the final list of functions is not formed, but we can say the following:

    • Will be implemented 20 of the most popular offers posted on our forum
    • New report module that allows you to generate reports and immediately view them in the web interface

    Release Date: November - December

    Voice application designer

    At the moment, already created VAD applications cannot work on v15. We are planning a major update to the VAD utility, which will fundamentally increase the functionality of voice applications. New VAD applications will use code and logic compatible with the new CRM integration modules. You will enjoy the ability to create outbound dialing scripts and work with Call Queues. You can really create powerful integrated call centers!

    Release Date: October - November

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