Theory of acoustic systems: 16 materials about how the speakers and speakers are arranged

    This is a new digest with materials from Hi-Fi World . We have collected articles on speaker design and speaker design. Under the cut, read what role the magnet plays in dynamics, how to create DIY acoustics, how to choose an inductance coil.

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    What have the speakers inside

    • What is what: dynamic heads. The first electrodynamic head, which resembles modern devices, was patented back in 1925. This article is about what has changed since then and how the speaker design is different for reproducing bass, mid and high frequencies. You will learn what every detail of the head is made of and for what purpose gold and diamonds are used in the speakers.

    • Quick Guide to High End Audio: The Role of a Magnet in Dynamics. Magnet - the most expensive part of the loudspeaker. Why the sound of the entire device depends on the magnet material, how the magnetic field is “concentrated” in the right place and what is dangerous for the loudspeaker to overheat - read in this article.

    • How to choose an inductance coil. Material about the differences between different inductors and which of them to choose to solve a particular problem. We are talking about their different types: with and without impregnation, from solid foil and with cores. Let us tell you why coils are varnished and why the best core is air.

    • League of Sound: how to restore vintage speakers. The material is devoted to the "aging" of loudspeakers. We are talking about why vintage speakers are difficult to “resurrect” without the participation of the manufacturer and which component is considered to be the weakest link (a spoiler is a centering washer that serves to precisely fit the voice coil). .

    Who produces speaker systems and how

    • Arslab: Affordable Hi-End. The founders of the brand Artem Faermark and Yuri Fomin told what compromises they make in order to keep the price of the Hi-End system affordable. A story about what details of the audio system cannot be saved and how to bring a new product to the market.

    • On the creation of Hi-End-speakers - an interview with Yuri Fomin from Arslab. In this interview, Yuri Stanislavovich explained his approach to the development of acoustic systems. Chief Designer Arslab told how the idea of ​​creating a brand appeared, why a wide variety of cases in the lineup is not always a plus and why he believes that the audio system should not “embellish” the music.

    • As in Monitor Audio develop new acoustics. The main developer of the British acoustics brand Monitor Audio described how the company created a new line of speakers from scratch. You will learn how the Monitor Audio designers study customer needs and how they test audio prototypes. The article also tells how the developers created a speaker, the sound of which almost does not change even in the acoustically "unsuccessful" points of the apartment.

    • Penaudio: True Finnish sound. This is the story of the Finnish manufacturer of audio systems Penaudio. The creator of the brand Sami Penttila shared why Penaudio speakers reproduce ultrasonic frequencies and which musical instruments he or she focuses on when developing audio systems. Also read about what materials are used in brand acoustics.

    How are the columns

    • The basics of acoustics: types of acoustic design speakers. Acoustic design of the speaker determines the speaker's body, in which the loudspeaker is placed. The body can be arranged in different ways: from a simple closed box to a complex structure with a labyrinth carved in wood. This article is about the differences in the sound of different types of enclosures and unusual ways of acoustic design: kontraperturnyh systems with horizontal speakers and horn designs.

    Photo Audiomania / Engineering room in the office at Drum

    • How are the subwoofers. In this article we will talk about how different types of acoustic design affect the sound of the subwoofer. We will also share practical tips on where to install a subwoofer, how to set it up and how to make sure that your music will not interfere with your neighbors in the house.

    • How the designer of acoustic systems is arranged. The sound podcast transcript, in which Yury Fomin, an engineer with many years of experience in creating acoustic systems and the chief technical specialist of the Arslab brand, talks about the Audiocore Kit speaker designer. Interviews about how the idea to create a DIY kit was born and what are the advantages for buyers. Here you will find links to the Audiocore Kit assembly guide and designer reviews.

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