Total sales of plug-in electric vehicles for 3 quarters of 2018 (EU + EFTA)

    According to the latest data of the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers , the number of sold plug-in electric vehicles in the European Union and EFTA countries (Norway and Switzerland) is growing. This number includes electric vehicles with rechargeable batteries, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles with fuel cells. So, for the first 3 quarters of this year, the number of registered plug-in electric vehicles was 273,702 units (an increase of 34.5% in annual terms / as compared to the same period last year).

    The top 10 registration countries account for a little more than 90% of the market, the first 5 are 72.4%, and Norway is a pair with Germany - 37%.

    A countryQ.S.Dynamics (%)
    Norway52 03820.7
    Great Britain44,88321.8
    France31 11317.0
    Netherlands17 349130.5

    The graphs below show the ratio of electric vehicles with ACU in relation to plug-in hybrids.

    Registration of electric vehicles with batteries

    PeriodamountDynamics (%)
    3rd quarter 201844,68734.9
    1st quarter of 2018132,94437.4

    Registration of plug-in hybrids

    PeriodamountDynamics (%)
    3rd quarter 201845 55513.2
    1st quarter of 2018140 75833.6

    Manufacturers of connected hybrids suspend sales against the background of the introduction of a new system for testing emissions and fuel consumption .

    At the same time, the sale of ordinary hybrids increased.

    PeriodamountDynamics (%)
    3rd quarter 2018154,62434.6
    1st quarter of 2018459 82534.3

    Growth was in all countries except Norway, whose market, for the most part, is already occupied by plug-in electric cars.

    If we talk about the ratio of hybrids sold to plug-in electric vehicles, then the picture has hardly changed in a year, but you can still see a slight shift towards plug-in electric vehicles. For the first 3 quarters of this year, the total number of connected electric vehicles amounted to 2.24% of the market. This is more than 0.55% over the same period last year.

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