Opinion. Or how not to become ordinary

    What are you thinking now? Or an hour ago. Or at that moment when they were watching a new clip or choosing clothes in a fashion store. Did I say fashionable? Why is he fashionable, didn’t you think? Are you thinking Where do your thoughts come from? Are they yours? Sure?

    “Who are we? We are just consumers obsessed with the outward attributes of prosperity. War, hunger, violence - all this does not bother. And it excites me: celebrities and scandals, TV, where there are 500 channels and whose name is on the label of my underpants "

    Remember these words of Tyler Derdon from the movie “Fight Club”?

    I have on Twitter a list called “humor,” which contains entertainment channels with jokes and jokes. I sometimes get distracted and read them to cheer up. But the more you write, the more you analyze what you read. I began to understand where the girls come from who want to be bold and the guys who choose alcohol.

    I will not be unsubstantiated. Accounts, of which I will give jokes, are read by millions. Read and think about what message the following notes carry:

    “The best morning - got up, washed, drank coffee and went home”
    “I don’t understand what is good in the description of the man:“ I don’t drink, I don’t smoke ”. Neither drink with him, nor smoke ”

    “ I want my mother to put on a jacket with a hat and lead me to the kindergarten, but I don’t want to go to work ”

    “ 1. To
    tell everyone that you don’t drink 2. To thump as hell ”

    “ Get me a vaccine from the * asses ”

    “ Not an alcoholic, but a taster ”

    “ - Describe your attitude to alcohol in one word.
    - Will"

    It is fun to read jokes and, following an imposed lifestyle, it seems that life is more fun. Is it so? Probably - yes, because the less you think, the easier it is to live. Such people live in the present, worry about the past and fear the future. It's not bad. I am not going to blame or insult anyone, because many of these people are good friends who are ready to help and support. What about you? Are you ordinary? I do not know, but in any case, you are on the right track.

    “I know why you are here. I know that you are oppressed. Why aren’t you sleeping, why are you living alone, and you don’t turn off the computer all night long. You are looking for him. I know, because I myself was looking. He found me. And he explained that I was not looking for him at all. What I'm looking for an answer. We are haunted by the question, Neo. He brought you here. You ask him, as I did then ”

    I was also looking for an answer. For hours I could wander the streets and think. I tried to find something, but could not ask a question. It is depressing when something inside is wrong. When you begin to understand that the old world is collapsing, but you haven’t managed to build a new one yet. But this moment has to happen, and then a new life sets in, in which there are no imposed opinions and authorities. Opinion is what appears inside.

    “I do not share any opinions: I have mine” - I. S. Turgenev. "Fathers and Sons"

    At this moment, extraordinary appears. She breaks the shackles and opens a world full of desires and wildest dreams. You just have to choose one goal that will make you happy and achieve it with all your might.

    “I do not dream, I set goals and achieve them” - Harvey Spectrum

    How to become outstanding?

    No way. You are already special, just discard all the nonsense in which people tend to convince themselves, and begin to do something worthwhile.

    What exactly? I dont know. The choice is always yours. Examining my life, I noticed that before I sent all my forces in one direction, there was a turning point, when I was clearly aware of the right choice.

    It can be a book, an accidental acquaintance at a conference or just an obsession that casts aside all doubts. So it was in my case. Perhaps in your life there have been such moments when you felt that the chance had come. Maybe for some reason you missed it, but everything that happened didn’t matter. What matters is what you are going to do next. You must have heard that a person becomes what he plans to become. So what are you planning now?

    Many accepted success as a cult and do not recognize that only perseverance helps to climb to a new level. It’s easier for many to convince themselves of this than to try to change. After all, you can change only by labor. And this is not easy. It’s not easy to wake up and go to training. Do not just work while others walk. It is not easy to be different. It’s damn complicated, but it is this trait that distinguishes successful people.

    I don’t really care if you believe me or not. Start doing something or stay in the same place. The choice is always yours. But, despite the share of selfishness, I write again and again, because I see people around whose values ​​do not correspond to reality and are not able to make them happy. I am trying to help my peers believe in another life that is not limited to pixels, kilometers or inches. Believe in a life that is limited only by your goals.

    I have not reached everything I wanted. It should be so. Each achievement breeds the following. Each goal is a step, not a pedestal. You need to set yourself up on a long path in which there will be falls and climbs, and it is up to you whether you will reach the end.

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