New Google Service: Me on the Web

    The search giant has offered users a new and rather unusual opportunity, which should help users monitor their security and privacy on the Internet, providing, however, Google’s private information first.

    So, the new Me on the Web service , which is part of the Google Dashboard, should help the user understand what other people see in the search engine when they search for information about it and respond if such information appears in the search results that the user considers redundant eye. By activating the Set up search alerts for your data dialog, the owner of the Google account may enter some information, the appearance of which on the Internet and, accordingly, in the search results will be tracked by the search engine. Here you can set the monitoring interval - it is curious that you can choose the option “as-it-happens” in addition to the traditional “once a day” and “once a week”. If the information entered by the user appears in the search results, he will receive a letter with the corresponding notification and will be able to write to the webmaster of the resource with personal information a request to delete it, and then submit an application to remove it from the Google cache using the URL Removal Tool.

    UPD: clarified thanks ascending

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