Streaming service Spotify continues to fight for survival: new conquests and allies

    The online music service Spotify has made the final decision to launch video streaming. The company plans to launch video streaming by the end of this week. On the Android platform, it will appear among users around the world, on iOS - only in the USA, Great Britain, Germany and Sweden.

    Spotify does not plan to compete with video services like Netflix (which recently launched in Russia). Unlike the latter, there will be no movies in Spotify; instead, the streaming service will mainly broadcast video clips and other short videos.

    Testamade plans to develop original content for Spotify. According to Shiva Rajaraman, vice president of product management at Spotify, the company wants its partners to specifically select video content for the music service. It is also reported that for convenience and simplicity, video content will be categorized like News of the Week and Laughs for Lunch.

    One of the main obstacles to starting the service is to force the user base to use the ability to watch videos on an ongoing basis.

    “Of course, our target audience is music lovers, and they do not always carefully examine and study all the features of the application,” Rajaraman told The Wall Street Journal. “Thus, there is no concrete recipe for success.”

    Access to the video streaming feature will be available to all mobile users, including users without a paid subscription. In this case, however, advertising will also be shown. The video will not appear in the web version of the service. This is a fundamental decision of the company.

    Megamind wrote about Spotify's plans back in May. The company has entered into a number of agreements with American and British channels and studios. Among them are ESPN sports channel , ABC , BBC , Comedy Central , video content producer and distributor Condé Nast Entertainment , Fusion , Maker Studios , NBC , TED andVice News .

    According to Spotify founder Daniel Eck, the advent of video content should expand the audience. Now the service has 75 million subscribers around the world, of which 20 million are owners of paid subscriptions.

    Spotify is fighting for its future in the face of fierce competition with other services. Therefore, the company is hastily trying to keep existing ones and attract more new users.

    On January 20, the Spotify music service announced the purchase of two companies.

    The first one is Soundwave, which released a social networking application that creates profiles for users based on their musical preferences. At Soundwave, users can subscribe to each other, chat, share music and follow music trends. These features can successfully complement Spotify functionality.

    The second company is the Cord Project , founded by two former Google employees. The main product of the company is the Cord mobile application, which allows users to send short voice messages to individuals or entire groups. The application has a very simple and intuitive interface.

    Spotify said the acquisition of Soundwave and the Cord Project are in line with its “strategy for creating a great experience for music fans.” So far, Spotify has not clearly explained how the company plans to use its new acquisitions to increase profits. Recall that the vast majority of users of the service do not pay for a subscription.

    Many Spotify experts and partners are convinced that the free streaming scheme is inefficient and will lead the company to collapse.

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