6 indisputable advantages of Telegram bots over mobile applications, sites and groups on social networks

    Interest in Telegram bots is growing steadily, as is the audience of Telegram itself, but why? 5 reasons under the cut ...


    1. Personal attention to each client

    People love a personal approach and are willing to pay for it. Remember the millions of faceless sites and applications that are the same for everyone and good for no one. Another thing is when a person is personally served, and he may not even realize that on the other side is a smart program, and not a blue-eyed blonde. In addition, personal service opens up new opportunities for promoting the service, additional bonuses and personal promotions, which can bring huge returns.

    2. The text interface eats little traffic

    This is very important in the light of the fact that about half of the clients access the Internet only from mobile devices and not everyone has unlimited or high speed. Will I wait for your bold website to load with tons of pictures and ads? Not!!! I’ll write a bot and immediately get what I need!

    3. Low cost

    How much have you already paid for the site and the mobile application? 100,000? 500,000? Are you satisfied with the result? Some have slow internet, others have Android, others have an older version of the iPhone ... hell! With bots, everything is wrong! They can be written from any device that has a browser, and now everyone has a Telegram mobile application. Abandon the development / support of mobile applications in favor of bots and you will save a lot of money and nerves.

    4. Flexibility and speed of response

    Need to change something? No problem! The bot can be fixed and restarted in 10 minutes and voila, everything goes as it should. The client wrote through the website / application to the mail to the support / delivery / service, and these radishes answered him only after a week? You have definitely lost the client. Such situations will no longer be with bots! Instant response to any need with distribution to all responsible persons.

    5. Protection from competitors

    Your competitors intercept people who join your groups on social networks and offer them their services. Not? Are you sure? With bots, only you know your customers and do not share them with competitors.

    6. Does not require installation and authorization

    To use the bot, the client does not need to download and install the application on the phone or fill out the registration form on the website or in the application. As soon as the client wrote to the bot, you immediately know his name and login, thereby reducing the funnel for 1-2 steps, focusing on the service or product. Are customers leaving lazy to download the application? Take advantage of the bot.

    I think there are a couple more dozen ... "And the shortcomings ?!" - exclaim you, falling from a chair. For sim, we open the greatest holivar in the comments.
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