11 phrases that cannot be pronounced at the interview // Infographics

    Yes, we know that at the interview all the most important words fly out of my head and it turns out something like "Yes, I ... this ... worked for the company, I have the skills ... communication". In general, we train and understand why some phrases are best left with you.

    // "I'm so worried"
    HR manager understands this very well. No need to demonstrate your emotions - this is not very professional.

    // "What are you doing here?"
    You did not complete your homework? Oh you! Be sure to get information about the company, see what is on the site and, more importantly, on social networks - research and you will feel more confident.

    // “I can do anything”
    What's this? Didn't you get a profession at the university for five years? Or just hopelessness tortured? In any case, try on the contrary to identify your area of ​​competence and clearly define what you can do, what you do well and how you relate to the proposed position. And then you will become "the king of the office coffee machine." And who needs it?

    // "I have no work experience"
    "... but I have ..."
    No need to immediately burn bridges! Lack of experience can be a big plus if you apply yourself properly. Are you a person who has not yet been squeezed by the scope of the company or a huge responsibility - do you have a lot of initiative and inspiration to build? Show it!

    // "Can I work from home?"
    If it were possible, then this would be mentioned when writing a vacancy. Therefore, try to postpone this issue. Do you need a job or the opportunity to be at home? The matter of priorities.

    // "I do not know"
    Do not pass. This answer shows that you give up and do not even try to look for ways to solve the problem. Never answer this way if you do not want to look like a self-confident person and a specialist. It’s better to say “I think ...” and make a mistake than “don’t know”.

    // "I have hard times now"
    Firstly, it doesn’t worry the company you came to - they are looking for a person who can work and develop at any time. It can be perceived as pressure or as depression. Both that, and that is bad. Secondly, we all sometimes read the news. And after all of us, hard times come. Gathered further. The world does not stand still.

    // "Sorry for being late!"
    Not. Do not be late! Just don't be late.

    // "How fast can you get a raise?"
    Do you think that immediately after the interview you will be promoted? Unlikely. The question is good, but we will ask it later when we settle down.

    // “I want to create my own business”
    This is a contradiction - why did you come for an interview? Or do you warn that you are shedding soon? No one will be glad of this.

    // "I do not have any questions"
    Catch this material about the questions you should ask after the interview .

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