20 questions that you can ask at a Facebook interview

    Thousands of resumes for each position. Competition and just the desire to touch the great and mighty Facebook! What questions await us at an interview with Comrade Zuckerberg?

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    1. If you were instructed to redo the design of an ATM (ATM), then what would you specifically do with it?
    Position: Product Designer

    2. How many birthday posts appear on Facebook daily?
    Position: Data Scientist

    3. Do you think Facebook should be available in China?
    Position: User Operations Analyst

    4. How much does it cost to wash all windows in Seattle?
    Position: Online Sales operations

    5. Explain how the sites work (no additional context).
    Position: Technical Project Manager

    6. How much money do people spend online?
    Position: Account Manager

    7. How would you redesign a regular TV remote?
    Position: Product Designer

    8. You play in a casino. You have two dice. If 5 drops, then you win and get 10 dollars. How much will you get in the end if you play until you win (no matter how long it takes), and then stop?
    Position: Data Scientist

    9. And how would you organize an interview in this room?
    Position: Content Producer

    10. How many vacuum cleaners are there in the US?
    Position: Risk Analyst

    11. How many Big Macs does McDonalds sell every year in the US?
    Position: Data Scientist

    12. How would you change the design of Facebook for blind people?
    Position: Product Manager

    13. What will you do if your photo upload stops at 50%?
    Position: Operations Associate User Intelligence

    14. Russian gangster kidnaps you. He takes two bullets and puts them in a revolver drum. Scrolls it. And shoots you in the head. * click * You are still alive. Now he asks you if you want him to shoot you right away or to pull the trigger first. For each of the possible outcomes - what is the likelihood that he will kill you?
    Position: Internet Marketing Analyst

    15. Should Facebook continue to add various features or trust the 3rd party releasing apps?
    Position: Product Designer

    16. What animal would you like to be?
    Position: User Operations Analyst

    17. Are you proud of your resume?
    Position: Media Solutions Specialist

    18. If you could access all the data that is on Facebook, what would you do with it?
    Position: Product Analytics

    19. You are trying to rob houses on the same street. Each house has a certain amount of cash. Your goal: to steal money so as to maximize your profit. The limitation is this: if you robbed a house, then you cannot rob the adjacent house (the one next to it).
    Position: Software Engineer

    20. You must take a plane to Seattle. You want to know if you need an umbrella there. You call the three friends who live there and ask each of them if it is raining. Each of your friends with a 2/3 probability will tell you the truth, 1/3 that they will lie. All three friends say yes it is raining. How likely is it to rain in Seattle?
    Position: Data Scientist

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