How to Choose a Reliable Magento Development Team: Practical Tips


    Magento every year is becoming an increasingly popular system for creating complex online stores and highly loaded projects online. Demand creates supply, so the number of contractors is growing exponentially. An increase in quantity always affects quality, therefore reliable partners are the key to the success of any project.

    How to choose a quality and experienced contractor to develop your own project - read below.

    All data was collected based on an analysis of the experience of our agency.
    In this article we will not compare freelancers and agencies, here we will talk about choosing an experienced team that can develop a project from scratch. Creating a project from initial design to final release is a responsible business. And we believe that this is only possible for an agency that has a strong and proven team of experienced professionals.

    How to choose Magento developers to create a quality product?
    Pay attention to the following points and you will definitely not regret your choice.

    • Official Magento Partners

    If the company has the status of a Magento partner, this indicates a worthy level of its competencies. In order to obtain the status of “Partner”, it is necessary to go through several stages of checks by the head office of Magento Inc. Among them: checking the quality of the code on active projects, the presence in the portfolio of works of a certain level of complexity and budget, the presence of a team of certified developers, the analysis of feedback from real customers.

    The list of Magento official partners in Russia can be found on the official Magento website.

    • Certified Magento Developers

    Only a small percentage of Magento specialists have a certificate confirming their qualifications and professionalism.
    This is due to the complexity of training and passing the final certification testing in a specialized center.
    When choosing contractors, we advise you to pay attention to those teams whose specialists have confirmed their knowledge at the international level, have passed official certification and received a license for development in the field of Magento.

    In November, the first version of Magento 2 was released, so certification for working with version 2 of the system is also very relevant. And there is one important point.
    To date, only Magento partners have access to Magento 2 training, and only employees of partner companies can be tested for knowledge of the platform.
    Upon successful completion of all necessary verifications, the partner receives the status of Magento 2 ready partner.

    If you decide to create a project based on Magento 2, without trusted partners who have been trained, you will not be able to do.

    • Experience with Magento

    The longer the team works with Magento, the wider the range of problems it can solve in a short time and at minimal cost.
    It is experience and many years of practice that allows you to choose the right architectural solution and avoid a lot of problems in the future.

    • Warranty & Support

    Magento sites are known for their rich functionality, so when planning a project, you must immediately rely on additional estimates for support after the release. If contractors do not provide project support, you should consider.

    In addition, you need to pay attention to whether the warranty period for the work done is provided. Usually it is six months from the date of release of the project.

    • Portfolio

    Before making a choice in favor of a particular agency, you need to familiarize yourself with the portfolio of works. If you liked a couple of cases and would like to create a similar project, this is a good sign and you are going in the right direction.

    • Feedback

    Feel free to ask questions. Experienced Magento developers should have an answer to any question regarding design work and technical nuances of development. If the agency employs professionals, none of the possible questions can puzzle them.

    If you are guided by these points when choosing contractors to create your project, you can definitely find talented developers and reliable partners for long-term cooperation.

    Experienced teams always effectively cope with projects of any complexity due to all the above advantages, namely:
    • Further training and testing by leading experts of Magento Inc .;
    • An established process of internal training and certification;
    • Access to unique partner materials and training courses;
    • Continuous practice in Magento development.

    We hope that our tips will be helpful. Good luck on the projects!

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