11 Web Studio Remote Management Tools

    Today, all businesses and spheres either follow the path of optimization and simplification, or go in the wrong direction, this is a fact. Any additional costs entail the waste of extra money and valuable time. If you can translate something online, then they do it immediately. Using Web Studio as an example, I want to tell you how you can conduct successful business in a fully cloud-based company. Some of the tools that I will talk about are related specifically to the IT sector and will help optimize the work of Web studios, SEO companies and Internet agencies, but other tools will radically change the style of doing business in any field. This article will be useful for both novice businessmen who are just starting or are about to begin their journey, as well as experienced leaders. Without further ado, let's get started!

    1. Any business that goes into people begins with the registration of the company and accounting services. MyDelo service comes to our aid . It allows you to online prepare the necessary documents for registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC, and in the process of further activities, you can always invoice online, calculate and pay taxes and pay fixed fees. You don’t have to go anywhere, you can do it all online.

    2. Marketing is the face of the company, it is very important that all incoming applications are processed, so that each potential client is given due attention. For this we use amoCRM. I will not talk about sales funnels, I will tell in simple words. The system allows you to remember each client on time, you will always have information on who is waiting for a commercial offer, who is waiting for a call from you to say Yes, and who wants you to immediately remind yourself.

    The company is ready and marketing has worked perfectly. There are orders that are important to fulfill efficiently and on time.

    3. To control the execution of tasks and projects, we use PTYSH- The simplest and most convenient program in the style of "Tasks and Projects". The system is suitable for any industry where it is necessary to complete the job on time, and for SEO companies and Web studios it has convenient solutions and functions, such as ready-made SEO checklists developed with market experts, access fields for sites, fixing the cost of the task for working with freelancers and much more. The system supports absolutely any cloud storage to share files and works fine in all browsers and on all possible devices.

    4. To share files in the company, everyone has an account in Dropbox, its use is more of a habit. There are many analogues, but we managed to get used to it. Therefore, I will not focus on cloud storage.

    5. If you need to fix something in the code, any programmer can always use the Сodeanywhere service , this is like an excellent notepad with FTP and SSH functions, which also works great in any browser. No need to download FTP clients, execute the code directly in the browser and monitor the change history. (By the way, it’s a very relevant application for Chromebook owners)

    6. For total control over remotely working full-time employees, we use the Yaware program - the tool allows you to control hours worked and productivity. At the same time, the system disciplines employees by taking screenshots of the screen. This allows you to be productive and not be distracted by personal belongings during working hours.

    7. Separately, I want to note telephony. Here we use the serviceZadarma . This is an inexpensive and highly functional solution. voice greetings, forwarding and all the features of a real PBX in your browser. If you receive a call to the marketing department, which must be transferred to a technical specialist, then this can be done in one click. Moreover, it does not matter that the employee from the marketing department is now in St. Petersburg, and the technical specialist is working from a hotel in the Philippines. An important condition for the company is to always be in touch during working hours, regardless of where you are located, this allows you to quickly resolve important issues, and employees not to be tied to the office. Therefore, now the employees of our company are already working on different continents.

    8. Another method of online communication that is used in the company is Telegram. Who doesn’t know what it is? I think everyone knows. His task is simple, but very important - operational communication. Including a general chat in which each employee understands that he is not alone, there are many of us and we all work on one important goal. We can share a joke or discuss important issues with everyone at once. This is convenient, and the cross-platform system allows you to not depend on the device on which you work, it can be anything.

    9. As a system for automating reporting on SEO projects, we use SE Rankingthe system allows you to avoid the intervention of employees when generating reports on positions, it will calculate the number of days for a request in the TOP and, based on this, will form the final cost. The system also allows you to prepare more complex, technical reports on errors on sites.

    10. Bank - an integral part of any commercial activity. It must be reliable, convenient and as cloudy as we are. Today we use Tinkoff Bank for payroll projects . We are waiting for them to open cash management services.

    11. In a web studio there always comes a moment when the number of work begins to exceed the number of resources and at such moments Freelansim comes to our aid. As experience has shown, you can find a responsible executive here quite quickly. It is important. With the performers who are doing everything cool and fast, we try to consolidate relations and work on an ongoing basis. There are guys who are moving to our headquarters.

    In remote management, the most important thing is to establish communication between managers and customers, as well as within employees. If the reaction speed is fast, then the most terrible remote control barrier is removed. The practice of our and many other companies shows that this is not so difficult to do. And in the long run it gives huge advantages for both managers and employees, because it adds freedom of movement to them and saves time on the way to the office.

    I hope the note was useful and you will take at least one of the tools I have proposed for you and it will make your business better. Thank!

    ps I would be grateful if you tell me what you use in your company, I will take note!

    http: //yaware.ru/
    http: // freelansim. ru /

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