Founder Tips. Maxim Nalsky, CEO Pyrus

    “Founder’s Tips” once again introduces Megamind readers to the stars of the IT market, the founders and managers of their own business.

    This time we managed to get three great tips from Maxim Nalsky, the founder of the Pyrus service , which helps automate workflows.

    This cloud service is already being used by Dodo Pizza, a group of restaurateur companies Arkady Novikov, Iron Mountain Corporation and many others, and SovKomBank is the largest customer, connecting 7,000 users to the system and, as we were told in secret by company representatives, who automated on It has over 250 business processes.

    At the same time - Pyrus is not the first successful project of Mr. Nalsky. Before its foundation, he created (together with David Jan) a companyIIKO (restaurant automation) and the Platius service, whose controlling stake was recently bought by Sberbank of Russia.

    Do not take an investment

    Until your product is ready, invest yourself - money, time, enthusiasm. Look for your client, experiment, quickly learn from mistakes, discard unpromising development paths, and instantly check on fresh ideas. Finding money takes effort and distracts from creating a product. Do not let yourself spray, do not run after two hares. First a product, then an investment, and not otherwise.

    Take investment

    Once you have made a product that is steadily used by a couple of thousand people (or a dozen customers - if it's B2B), take money and invest in growth. Do not be afraid to give a share to investors: it is better to have 10% in a company worth one billion dollars than 100% in a company that costs nothing. Money will help attract talented personnel and accelerate development: what you would need years to do, you will do in months. With a good product, growing revenue, money seems to be not so urgently needed, which is why now is the right time to take it.

    Do not listen to advice outside

    At any conference you can meet all kinds of advisers, consultants, mentors. All of them with a smart look tell how to do it, and how not to. Many previously ran successful businesses, and there is value in their advice. But they are not part of your team. They will criticize - and go to the next. Listen to those who live your creation with you - colleagues, partners, close friends, husband or wife. Even if they have no experience, they will be with you for a long time and they will sincerely rejoice, and not envy, your success.

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