Rating system that can change the world

    imageIt is generally believed that in order to increase sales, any startup should be based on a unique, useful idea that allows at least a little change in this world for the better. We are sure that our idea is just one of these, however, this has no effect on the sales level. And the reason is not the quality of the idea, but the uncertainty in its commercialization. On the one hand, our idea is interesting and people use it, but on the other, it’s completely not clear what money can be taken for. By the way, looking ahead, we will be grateful to someone who can help with advice on the issue of converting ideas into money.

    Relevance of the issue
    It would seem that very recently the world community has predicted the emergence of social networks. Today, when communication more and more goes online, it is expected that various rating systems will appear. Systems that could already rank, not sites but network users. This idea will not seem so absurd if we open a discussion of popular events on any news resource. Different people enter into a fierce polemic with each other without even seeing who is on the other end of the “wire”. The question arises. Why? Indeed, if in real life a homeless person approaches you and offers to discuss the situation in Syria, you will ignore him. Or try to imagine a situation in real life when a seventh grader educates a professor of history regarding the political situation in the country. In life, it looks wild, on the network it is found very often.

    It is clear that when communicating on the network, we cannot identify a person by age, clothing, social status. So, to maintain normal communication, there must be a unique rating, a certain rank that will allow everyone to show the importance of a particular user.

    I must say that this idea is not original. It has repeatedly been discussed here and Habré . However, some systems already exist, but so far they mainly evaluate only social connections, the number of friends, etc.

    A simple approach
    We decided to create a system that would allow us to immediately understand who you are dealing with. A system that would take into account your horizons, education, the presence of prof. skills, etc. And most importantly, a system that would allow revealing talents and transmitting them to society. Today, unfortunately, this is another problem, in the age of information overload, real talents with significant achievements are lost among posts about pussies and food photos.

    Levelpride.comthis is essentially a portfolio. It is intended mainly for the educational community: schoolchildren, students, teachers, but anyone can register and contribute their achievements to the system. These may be certificates, certificates, victories in competitions, etc. Portfolio page can be viewed by all network users. For each achievement entered into the system, the user is credited with a certain number of points.

    In total, all points for one user make up his so-called LP – level. Thanks to this level, various ratings can be built. The rating of users of a particular educational institution or the rating of educational institutions based on the achievements of students, or to identify the most athletic or most scientific student in a particular university or city.

    Unfortunately, this whole thing is realized by the efforts of only a few people, whose knowledge is not enough to implement everything that was planned, and not a penny of investment has been attracted for all the time. However, despite this, an idea, like any good idea that can change the world for the better, works.

    Who is using?
    Today, some universities use the system to identify the best students and assign them increased scholarships. There is no need to work out the data of all applicants, it is enough to take as a basis the rating provided by the system. At the same time, everything is transparent, anyone can see why a scholarship has been awarded for this or that person.

    In addition to universities, schools use the system, and employers look at it.

    It conveniently holds various competitions to identify the best in a particular area. Broadcast talented guys, for example, to employers, or applicants to broadcast to universities.

    The main mission of the Pride is to identify and broadcast talented people to society. For this, we are implementing various projects. For example, for two consecutive years we have been ranking the best students . The last time in the ranking was attended by more than fifty Russian universities.

    In anticipation of the admission company, we create and publish a catalog of talented applicants. Universities look at this catalog and invite worthy applicants to come to themselves.

    However, with obvious utility, the answer to the question of commercialization is not obvious.

    PS This article is a message to a discussion on the existence of rating systems in general and this system in particular. How do you see their future? What can they be, etc.

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