How to quickly and efficiently get new targeted subscribers to your email database

This publication will focus on a tool with the help of which each author of an email newsletter can easily attract a string of target subscribers into their email databases.

If you add to this that you will receive subscribers absolutely free, then many will ask what the catch is. But there is no catch and this is not a fairy tale. Such a tool exists and with its help all of the above is feasible. The name of this tool is mutual PR.

Let’s try to figure out what “mutual PR” is.

Mutual PR is an event where the authors of email newsletters come together to help each other attract new targeted subscribers to their email databases. Thus, if you are the author or owner of the email database, then you can already participate in mutual PR.

Usually, such events take place online and participating authors are combined on one page on the Internet. The logic is such that each participating author makes a newsletter on his email base with advertising for this event. There is something to advertise because participating authors exhibit their free products, be it a book, course, consultation, etc.

Example of events vzaimopiara service :

Thus, vzaimopiara page gets a huge number of visitors who are interested in the theme of the event. Such a visitor to the page consciously selects a product proposed by an author and subscribes to his email newsletter.

Infographic of the work of mutual PR:

Thanks to participating in such events, you get interested and loyal subscribers to you.

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