A step away from the purchase: why customers leave and how to return them

    Imagine the situation ...

    You need to buy food at home to cook borsch. You go to the supermarket, take the basket and start walking in rows. The supermarket has a huge amount of goods, but you are looking for exactly those that you need for the dish. After spending half an hour in the store, you find all the necessary products, put them in a basket and go to the cashier.

    Going to the checkout, you leave a basket full of goods and leave the store.

    Not real, right?

    Indeed, in real stores no one does this, if you have already taken the time, selected the goods and put them in the basket, you will buy them. It turns out that each basket filled with goods is a guaranteed purchase.

    Why does this principle not work when shopping online? What makes customers leave at the last moment?

    Firstly, this lack of opportunity to feel, see, measure the goods. The only thing that the client sees is a photo of the product and its characteristics and, based on this, using his imagination, forms a certain image.

    The task of online sellers is to make this image as attractive and desirable for the customer as possible. To do this, use as many high-quality photos of the product as possible, show it from different angles, show how to use it, add a video review.

    A great solution is the 3D-pictures of the product, when it can be rotated and viewed from different angles.


    The more information a customer receives about a product, the more likely it is that he will buy it.

    SecondlyIt is doubt and fear of being deceived. Since the purchase process takes place in a virtual store, the customer is never 100% sure that paying money will not deceive him.

    They may not send him a quality product or not the one he chose, or not at all. All these fears lead to the fact that customers choose to buy more expensive in a real store, instead of buying online.

    In order to dispel doubts, it is necessary to make your store as real as possible in the eyes of customers.

    Add your history , certificates and awards (if any), photos of the office, store, pick-up point and your address on the map. Create a section “Our team”, add photos of your employees there and tell who does what.

    A great example of a Bag & Wallet bag and wallet store:


    Add information that you guarantee the quality of the goods sold and are always ready to return the money if the goods turn out to be defective.

    For example, customers of the Zappos store do not hesitate to make purchases, because they know that if they are not 100% satisfied with the product, you can return it and get all the money back.

    The free fitting option also works great.

    For example , the Western Optics Store Warby Parker offers to send samples of eyeglass frames for fitting, so that the client can choose the right one for himself.


    Agree, it is impossible to choose glasses without trying on, so this option is simply necessary.

    Plus, holding the product you like in your hands, the likelihood of a purchase is many times higher than when customers simply look at it in the picture.

    This is the cost and delivery time.
    The purchase process itself is based on a momentary desire to get the thing you like. Remember, if you give yourself time to think until tomorrow, then it is likely that tomorrow this product will no longer be so desirable for you.

    For this reason, delivery time plays a huge role in deciding on a purchase. No one wants to wait, especially when the delivery time is 14 days or more.


    The second factor is cost.

    Very often, the cost of delivery is so high that it completely discourages even the strongest desire to buy.

    According to Forrester Research, 44% of customers throw carts due to high shipping costs.

    A common mistake of online stores is to indicate the cost of delivery at the last step of placing an order or not to indicate at all. This is not the best way to stimulate a customer to buy.

    Even if for some reason the cost of delivery of your goods is too high, it must be indicated, and you can reduce customer costs by giving a discount coupon.

    The psychology of successful sales in retail is based on the fact that there are no products that cannot be sold, that is, it does not matter what properties a particular product has, it is important who sells it to us.

    In fact, we are not buying on the characteristics and properties of the goods, but on how they will be presented to us and most importantly who. That is why when we are offered two identical goods, we will buy from the one who sells us with a smile.

    There is no human factor in online sales, so you need to look for another way to make the order form perfect in the eyes of the client. Satisfied customer - purchase guarantee.

    What does the ideal form of placing an order look like in the eyes of customers?

    ComScore specialists tested a survey of 1,000 online shoppers to find out what they would like to see on the checkout form.

    Respondents were asked to list the items that they thought were necessary in order to place an order as conveniently as possible.


    It’s not necessary to immediately run to add all these elements to your website in the order form, but it’s worth taking these statistics into service.

    All these elements make shopping with you more convenient and simple, so if you have the opportunity to add at least one of them - ACT!

    What to do if the client still leaves, despite all your efforts?

    Currently, there are many tools for customer returns.

    The most popular are contact centers, remarketing, and email abandoned baskets.

    Let us dwell on the latter in more detail, since this is perhaps the simplest and most budgetary way to return customers for a purchase.

    These letters do not need to be written manually and spend a lot of time on it, there are services that will do everything for you.

    You just need to make a letter template, set the script for sending and enable the newsletter. As soon as the client left the site without placing an order, an email will be sent to him automatically with an offer to return and make a purchase.

    In the letter, the goods that the client left in the basket, their photo, description, cost and quantity are automatically pulled up. Also, the button “Return to purchases” is added to the letter, which returns the client to the stage of placing an order.

    Caring sellers add a gift, discount or bonus to such letters that motivates the client to make a purchasing decision.

    An example of a letter from an abandoned basket of the StartShop store sent using the TriggMine service:


    The process of setting up such letters usually takes no more than 20 minutes, after which it is enough to simply activate sending letters.

    The introduction of such services is a step towards the automation of business processes, which all online sellers are eager for.

    The involvement of store managers is minimal, they will only need to check the mail, in case the customer needs help and will write to you in response to the letter.

    As a result, the more reliable and convenient your store seems to the customer, the more likely it is that he will make a purchase and turn from a random visitor into a regular customer.

    If he still left, contact him before he buys from your competitors!


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