How many languages ​​do you know, how many times do you ... "Stories with Languages" (Issue 3)

    When launching a startup, you should try to tell about it to as many people as possible. How can different people find out about your project if you cover it only for IT people?

    We did not discover America when we came up with a PR project in which we tell the stories of famous personalities. However, the first thing that all startups do is PR their project in the IT environment.

    Your idea is primarily designed to solve certain problems in different ways.people, then logically, and it needs to be promoted to the masses. Therefore, it is necessary that not only your colleagues learn about the new utility, but also naturally, the widest possible audience. And since the future users of your product do not, in theory, care about the subtleties that are interesting to programmers and investors, then you need to find the topic and your presentation method. Of what, what to write and for whom, of course, depends on the idea of ​​your project, on the very problem that it will solve.

    It was said here that we decided to tell the broad masses about our project from the lips of “stars”. It turns out that we groped for the topic and our way of presentation. Previous interviews that Stereolizza and Zhanna Ona gave us, aroused interest among readers and fully justified the hopes placed on them. Therefore, Polyglot continues to communicate with famous people.

    This time, for everyone, their “ History with Languages ” and about freelance in the profession, told the Russian actress, who headed for Hollywood. Marina Dubkova was born in Kiev on June 4, 1988. It has in its arsenal three foreign languages: English, Italian and Polish. Marina is constantly improving, including continuing to learn languages. This allows her to be confidently aimed at conquering not only the Russian, but also the foreign stage, and the cinema.

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