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Original author: Guy Marion
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Analytical reports on the topic suggest that there is no direct correlation between the size of the business and the degree of use of cloud services. This is the logic: the cloud is a universal tool that allows companies to optimize their business models. / photo Ken Teegardin CC High-tech IT projects are often unprofitable in the first years of their work. This is justified by the need for marketing activity and the total complexity of work with significant capital costs. Engage in designing and optimize design solutions in this situation is not so simple. Our case was no exception, but we decided not to dwell on intermediate options and continued to modify our decisions.

In addition, we saw the need for the IaaS provider to be an open company that is ready to talk about itself and share its trial and error experience. To do this, we took up blogging on Habré, which in many ways helped us reinforce our customer base growth.

The idea of ​​stories about their own experience and analysis of foreign works is not in direct advertising and praise, but in a real analysis of the situation. Such a tool allowed us to get even more opinions about what seems to our customers an unsuccessful or good decision.

This whole process takes place “organically” and without significant costs. It allows us to direct our audience not only to our site, but also to connect with people on other platforms like thematic forums or social networks where people discuss our materials.

Depending on the reaction of the audience, we weigh the need for certain changes. A couple of examples of materials in which we talked about this:

Understanding the needs of our customers helps us explore their path from the emergence of certain tasks to ordering additional resources from us. In addition, automation is pleased with the service functions allowed us to reduce costs and work with a large number of customers.

According to Guy Marion, each sales channel must have an owner within the company. In addition, you need to understand when it is better to work with a client personally, and what tasks are more efficient to automate.

At the same time, it is worth taking the approach of Disruptive Advertising CEO Rhett Norton, who shared a story from their experience working with one company in which everyone was confident in the indispensability of one of the team members, and his colleague was not taken seriously.

As a result, when the first resigned, things went uphill, and the departure of the second was the beginning of the problems. The point here is an incorrect assessment of value, which applies to sites. If you delete or change something, it will clearly show what value this or that element had before.

PS A little more about the work of the virtual infrastructure provider:

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