Trip to Silicon Valley, 3-month report and backfill question

    For a long time there was no public news about our company, and many customers ask where we went. We are here and continue to write insiders from the life of the cashback service. In this post, we will talk about a trip to Silicon Valley in June this year, share the results for the entire three months (May-July) of our service, and also conduct analytics on two channels of attraction: Habr and VK, on ​​which we had a question for caring readers.

    Previous reports can be viewed here:

    Although our company is based in Silicon Valley, most of the team is located in the CIS, because it is economically feasible, and significant growth is taking place here. A trip to the Valley allows you to see the latest trends, freshen up acquaintances with other entrepreneurs, recharge your batteries.

    In June, we visited a significant part of the events in Silicon Valley, some of which we organized ourselves.

    1. SVOD
    SVOD (Silicon Valley Open Doors) is an annual conference that is always attended by very interesting people from the Valley and the CIS.

    The conference does not cease to please with its scale and quality of the audience. If you’re in the Valley next June, then be sure to go to the next.

    2. Closed parties

    3. Own events

    4. Meetings with friends and partners

    5. Campaigns in large companies such as NASA

    During the month in the Valley, I was able to meet a very large number of old friends, new friends. Some of our friends received investments from $ 1.5 to $ 20 million, with whom it was very nice to chat. We received a positive feedback on the project, as well as several investment comments. On the one hand, we are doing a sustainable business that grows every month, as the report below will testify, on the other hand, investors from the Valley are more interested in growth sticks that grow exponentially and often even without profit. So far, we are holding on without external investment, as many have advised, so as not to give a share ahead of time, but also continue to accept partnership proposals.

    However, back to the company's report, this time for the whole three months (May-July 2015).

    1. Attendance

    In three months, 14516 unique users visited us, when in February there were more than 18 thousand people in one month. This is easily explained by the fact that we almost do not pour money into paid traffic.

    2. Registration

    Despite a decrease in attendance, the dynamics of growth of registered users remained and amounted to an average of 10% per month, which is explained by a good understanding of the service by customers, as well as an understandable referral program. At the end of July, we have 4110 registered users.

    3. Referrals The
    number of referrals is 1010, which is 24.5%.

    4. Shopping

    The dynamics of purchases became even higher and reached 300 purchases per month and 1,412 purchases for all time. Over the past month, 27% of all purchases of past periods were made.

    5. Revenues

    Revenues for three months amounted to 67,021 rubles. It is too early to talk about self-sufficiency, but we are moving smoothly in this direction.

    6. Revenue by user cohorts.

    It can be seen that revenue is distributed across all cohorts and the share of new users in the last month is only 12%, and the share in the revenue of the farthest cohort (December) is 14%, which indicates a fairly low Churn Rate.

    7. Number of active clients

    8. Number of clients by cohorts

    9. Gross profit per registered user

    10. Cumulative gross profit per registered user

    We see that every month each registered user brings us more and more profit. And now the promised question for filling:

    Comparison of users from Habr and VK
    We launched an active advertising campaign in VK from March 1, 2015 and we invest all the free money we earned in this channel of attraction. The mechanics are very simple: we show advertisements to people who are subscribed to the groups we set. On the other hand, we keep an account on Habré in the old fashioned manner in the concept of openness designated by us . Therefore, below are the results of comparing users from VK and Habr (Habr + Megamind). We consider only the period from March 1 to July 31, 2015:

    1. Registration
    VK: 340 new registrations.
    Habr: 146 users.
    It seems that the result of VK is 57% better, but let's go ahead and see how many referrals in each channel came.

    2. Registration with referrals
    VC: 350 people. It turns out that only 10 referral users came.
    Habr: 304 users. 158 referrals came from Habr (304-146).
    So far, VK still wins in absolute terms by 13%, but let's look at the revenue.

    3. User revenue without referrals
    VK: 1336.11 rubles
    Habr: 9575.61 rubles
    Habr wins more than 7 times.

    4. User revenue, taking into account
    VK referrals : 1360.11 rubles. Referrals brought by users from VK earned 24 rubles.
    Habr: 11972.64 rubles. Referrals earned 2397.03 rubles.
    Habr exceeds VK almost 9 times.

    Our conclusion is that on Habré and Megamozg there is a very cool and solvent audience, which regularly makes purchases on the Internet and actively advises the service they like to their friends. What conclusion would you make? We will be glad to receive answers in the comments.

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