Sharp rise in the cost of doing business in Nevada

    Everyone, everyone pulls greedy hands to the throat of poor and unhappy entrepreneurs. Thinking of hiding in the blessed land of the brave - America? Will not work! Nevada since July raises the cost of Business License from $ 200 to $ 500.

    And registering a list of directors from $ 125 to $ 150. This is an annual mandatory exercise, dodge will not work.

    Needless to say - a fair increase. If you add to this the need to pay for the services of a local agent (about $ 50-100 more), and for an accountant - $ 300 bucks, and all sorts of little things, such as mail, phone, any minutes of meetings, which are usually too lazy for everyone to write on their own - the total cost of running business in Nevada will be somewhere around $ 1200–1300 per year.

    On the other hand, is that about 80 sput? It seems to me that LLC at home will not come out cheaper. But on the whole, of course, it’s a shame: so once - and regret shaving. And the projects they have there are generally enormous, almost making the payments dependent on revenue. They want to tax casinos (up to $ 4 mio per year for a license), and we suffer.

    Now, as a host for new registrations, Wyoming is leaping ahead. Previously, they were about the same with Nevada, but it’s more convenient to get to Las Vegas. Given that you need to travel to the place of registration exactly once, now it’s better to fly to CYS or JAC once (combine with a visit to Yellowstone National Park) than pay 500 bucks every year for nothing.

    Next is a very long photo. It symbolizes the author’s wretched attempt to contrast the miserable Vegas fountain with the incredible Yellowstone geysers.

    And there is a good state of Oregon.

    PS. Who wants the details “what’s it all about” - HOWTO: your business in the USA from Russia .

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