Hello, SaaS | Dental Cloud Service Overview | Part 1

    Today it’s just a screen review and no reasoning like in previous posts of the “Hallo, SaaS!” Series . Let me remind you that we made an online dental clinic management service Dental Cloud and today we are talking about it.

    To begin with, I remind you that we sell 2 tariffs “Cabinet” and “Clinic”, but architecturally, each tariff includes “Administrator's workplace” and “Doctor's workplace”. The difference between the latter for tariffs is the possibility of joint work of doctors. Functionally, the service lies at the intersection of CRM - Customer Relationship Management, EHR - Electronic Health Records, Community - organization of customer communications. I already wrote more about the philosophy of service .and today a review of the first functional group - work with clients and business administration. Why screen - everything turned out so simple and clear for us that writing something would be too dull a task (I ask you to understand correctly and the pictures were taken on the iPad, i.e. we aim to make the philosophy of Single page application in the browser).

    Administrator's workplace - opportunities

    Monitoring visits to the clinic and adding a new visit

    Calendar of visits with the ability to add a new visit and sort by specialists. Around the calendar, organized work with new patients - entering a new patient and planning work.

    Maintaining staffing and cards of doctors.

    Keeping a list of patients.

    Work with the price list.

    Account Settings and Reporting.

    Monitoring subscription and payment status.

    Whitethe appointment.

    Overview of the Doctor’s Workplace

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