Tesla loses $ 4,000 on every car sold

    Tesla published financial statements for the second quarter of 2015. As it turned out, Tesla Motors is still far from making a profit. Despite the fact that 11,523 electric cars were sold during the indicated period, the company's loss amounted to $ 47 million. It turns out that on every Tesla electric car sold it loses $ 4,000.

    In addition, Elon Musk, the head of Tesla Motors, announced that this year the company faces additional capital costs of $ 1.5 billion. This money is planned to be spent on launching a new electric car model, Tesla X.

    Income and expenses of Tesla Motors. Source: company report

    Immediately after the publication of the financial report, the company's shares began to fall in price. And on Thursday-Friday, in just two days, Tesla Motors lost about 11% of its value. Note that a year ago, the company's value was estimated at $ 2.67 billion. Now, the price of Tesla Motors has more than halved, reaching $ 1.15 billion.

    In the second quarter, the company's operating costs, as well as research and development costs, significantly increased.

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