Huawei will build a data center for Akado

    The Chinese company Huawei has concluded an agreement with Akado on the establishment of a data center in Russia. This is the first case of the creation of a DC in the Russian Federation by an equipment manufacturer, and not an integrator, Vedomosti writes . The data center will be created for Komkor, which is part of the Akado group of companies. The facility will be located in Moscow on the Warsaw highway. At the same time, Huawei performs a full cycle of work - from designing the data center to launching all the equipment.

    The first stage of work, according to the plan, should be completed by September 2015. At this stage, the first 100 racks will be installed. Completely, the data center for 423 racks will be commissioned in 2016. The total area of ​​the data center will be 2000 sq.m. The amount required for the implementation of the project is $ 7 million.

    The entire data center is based on Huawei technologies - from server cabinets to uninterruptible power systems, cooling systems and infrastructure monitoring. The company also pledged to take over the certification of the facility and its biennial support. In total, Huawei has over 400 data centers in 100 countries of the world.

    Currently, Huawei's share of the Russian and global market for data centers is lower than that of the well-known western productive server equipment. And the creation of a DC for Akado is one of the ways to strengthen the position of a Chinese company.

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