About parties and sandboxes

    I’ve been a startup for four days already). I was immediately prompted about the need to "spin in the appropriate hangouts." For now, I just wander about resources, study the landscape, so to speak ... Do you want to say what impression the start-up community makes on the absolute savage?

    Sandbox! In all seriousness, quite old men play cakes! Everyone is so smart, serious and preoccupied! 80% of the projects now inhabiting accelerators were previously done half a year on the knee by two nerd students. Called simply sites. With trembling hands they sent some Tyoma Lebedev to flogging. They were mainly used to fill out an empty resume upon entering work.

    Oh yeah! It’s easy to say without doing anything. And, yes, I’m envious! And yet the question arises for producers and just smart people. All this mythology and soap suds - is that to increase and maintain the herd? Or is it more complicated?

    Well, actually, back to the main question: is it necessary to spin in startup parties (for example, accelerators and specialized coworking) to accelerate the creation and promotion of a product?


    Estimated the pros and cons: the

    pros of parties:
    -fresh information;
    - rest from dumb work;
    -the ability to catch the right idea in the process of idle talk;
    -the ability to meet useful people.

    cons of parties
    - loss of time;
    - revaluation of its place in history;
    - misconception about Central Asia;
    - incorrect prioritization.

    So far, I have roughly the same result. Where is wrong?

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