For the first day of trading on NASDAQ PayPal has become one and a half times more expensive than eBay

    Recall that from July 17 to 18, there was a separation of eBay and PayPal . The payment system is now an independent company, and its shares are traded on exchanges separately from eBay. At the same time, on the very first day of trading on the NASDAQ exchange, the company's capitalization reached $ 50 billion, the first day was closed with an increase of 5%, Roem writes . At the close of the exchange, the company's share price reached $ 40.48.

    PayPal management has already begun to plan a further development strategy for the company, while the payment system began its independent activities with expansion. This month, PayPal acquired the Xoom service, which specializes in transferring money abroad. The transaction value amounted to $ 890 million. And at the beginning of March this year, PayPal bought a payment acceptance service through Paydiant barcodes.

    Now, as president of the company Dan Schulman said, PayPal has no debts, and the payment system has about $ 6.6 billion on its balance sheet. PayPal also has a share that it has the right to spend.

    Now the payment system announces the continuation of cooperation with the eBay online auction, plus the company is trying to find new partners. Such partners may well be Amazon and Alibaba Group.

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