How motherhood changes generation Y, namely their purchases and media behavior

    One of the most important and serious decisions that a woman makes in her life is the decision to become a mother. And this does not mean just changing the usual rhythm of life. Having a child shifts other priorities in a significant way, from consumer preferences and criteria for making a purchase decision to options for using a particular media channel.

    BabyCenter, together with the Interactive Advertising Bureau, interviewed women from Generation Y, mainly those who became mothers for the first time.

    Generation Y (millennials) are people born after 1981 who met the new millennium at a young age, characterized primarily by their deep involvement in digital technology.

    The survey was conducted on how motherhood is changing their perception of brands and the use of media channels. The result of the study was published in the State of Modern Motherhood report .

    The data clearly shows that, year after year, mothers from generation Y in the United States spend more time on the media and the media in general thanks to Mobile .


    Some brands are more successful than others in conveying information about themselves from a positive point of view for moms. The YouGov Brand Index asked moms from Generation Y whether they had recently heard positive or negative opinions and reviews regarding different brands, thus illustrating to us which of the 5 presented were favorably received. BYYD • Mobile Advertising Platform


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