Programmatic advertising: sellers versus buyers. Who is more interested in mobile?

    Marketers, as buyers of advertising, are now extremely interested in mobile, but a recent eMarketer study shows that mobile sellers go ahead of the planet when it comes to the spread and adoption of mobile technology. It doesn’t matter on whose side the advantage is, we are sure of one thing: the volume of inventory and advertising costs in it are growing at a tremendous pace.

    According to a study by Advertiser Perceptions , published in January 2015, a mobile accounted for about 40% of all inventory programmatics from US advertising companies. And this indicator is 6% or more higher than the other two channels presented in the study.
    versus inventory ratio in programmatic advertising on media channels, USA, January 2015 % of respondents

    However, buyers exhibit different behaviors. In this group, display advertising is still leading, occupying 41% of all budgets in programming, against 28% of inventory available to sellers. Mobile took 30% - 1% ahead of the video.

    A study published in March 2015 by Pulse Pointshows explosive growth in the volume of mobile inventory and global spending on one part of the programmer: RTB advertising.
    Mobile and desktop RTB inventory growth in the world, by region, for 2-4 quarters of 2014
    % increase compared to the previous quarter by impressions, PulsePoint

    The highest inventory growth rates were in Asia: mobile RTB growth for the quarter was close to 192% in Q4 2014, compared with 82.6% in the desktop.

    In the same period, in Europe, mobile RTB grew by 177.4%, in North America by 150.4% in the last quarter of last year, and desktop indicators were 85.0% and 56.6%, respectively. Looking at the performance of previous quarters, you can be sure that the growth will not slow down in the near future, as the growth of mobile RTB inventory from quarter to quarter accelerated throughout the year.

    Mobile RTB advertising spending is showing even more impressive growth across the board.
    The growth of expenses on mobile and desktop RTB in the world, by region, for 2-4 quarters of 2014.
    % increase over the previous quarter on the PulsePoint platform

    In both Asia and Europe, expenses for mobile RTB placements soared by 330% in the 4th quarter of 2014, and in North America this value is almost 300%. As in the situation with the inventory, the growth rates for mobile advertising expenses were close to desktop at the beginning of the year, but then rapidly grew from quarter to quarter.

    eMarketer predicts that this year will be a turning point especially for the programmatic market in the United States, as advertisers spending on mobile programmers will bypass the desktop and account for 56.2% of the total share of digital programmatic advertising. And next year this figure will increase to almost 70%. BYYD • Mobile Advertising Platform

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