25% of installed mobile apps no one uses

    Despite the fact that users of smartphones and tablets quite actively download applications, about 25% of installed programs never open, or open no more than once, writes “Recode”. Now this figure is higher than last year, when users forgot about only 20% of applications after installing them.

    According to a study by Localytics, the number of applications that open 11 or more times fell from 39% (in 2014) to 34%. Fans of mobile games are more likely than others to abandon installed programs, although a popular game can be on the smartphone’s start screen for a long time.

    US mobile device user loyalty to installed applications is higher than user loyalty outside this country. So, here the percentage of frequently launched applications has grown by 1% to 42% from last year. The number of applications that open only once has remained at 19% since last year.

    In China, this figure is 37%, although last year the number of applications opened at least once in this country was 26%.

    According to experts from Localytics, this growth is due to several factors at once, including the improvement of the network infrastructure, which allows you to download more applications, as well as the influence of WeChat. Now many brands use this platform, instead of developing their own applications.

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