The Verge and Re / code editions will merge and adjust the subject

    Mediaholding Vox Media is ready to buy the business edition Re / below code . The holding already owns publications such as The Verge , Polygon , Eater and SB Nation . After that, The Verge will change the subject and will publish materials on science, entertainment, travel and other aspects not related to business. Events from the world of business will be covered by Re / code. The transaction amount is not disclosed.

    According to The Verge editor-in-chief Neil Patel, the magazine managed to increase monthly attendance up to 24.5 million, which is 33% more than in April 2014, due to a reduction in business-related materials.

    Re / code was founded by people fromThe Wall Street Journal by Karoy Swisher and Walt Mossberg. According to Neil Patel, they managed to create "one of the best business publications in the world and an incomparable series of conferences." After the takeover, the publication will retain its brand and website, reports The Verge. However, device reviews will now be published in The Verge. This change will further focus Re / code on business topics. And Walt Mossberg will write for both editions.

    Re / code was launched in 2014. This happened after the close of the All Things D section of The Wall Street Journal. He was dedicated to IT business.

    Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff explained the reasons for acquiring Re / code and other similar publications. "Megamind" cites a fragment of a memo intranslation of the publication
    Re / code is a recognized leader in conducting IT-business conferences regarding content, organization and quality. Vox Media will be profitable to have an ally in this field, and we will try to use these opportunities for other media brands.

    In addition, Bankoff noted that readers who regularly visit The Verge and Re / code make up only 4% of the total number of visitors, despite the fact that the themes of the publications are very similar. According to comScore studies , around 1.5 million people visit Re / code every month.

    On May 12, Megamind wrote that Verizon bought AOL Media Holding for $ 4.4 billion. Verizon will also own TechCrunch , Engadget, and The Huffington Post .

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