11 tools that truly make your life easier

We decided to share our findings with you for planning time, fighting procrastination, communicating with colleagues, sleeping, and creativity. Technology can make your life easier. Otherwise, why are they needed?

1. MakeMe

An application to combat procrastination. Add tasks and goals and achieve them. You can share your successes with friends or overcome the peaks together. And the application will cheer you up and mock you if you slow down (immediately says that you are a snail!), Discourage you from drinking more coffee and advise you to go for a walk before completing your next goal. In general, it is funny and really motivating.

2. Producteev

This is the perfect app for project managers! You can associate with Outlook, mail, calendar - all this program synchronizes. There is also the possibility of scheduling tasks for subordinates, which is very convenient.

3. HoursTracker

Using this application, which can be installed on your smartphone, you can control the time that you spend on a particular task, and you can also track how much money you spend. Carefully, there is a paid EXPENSIVE version, but there is a budget one.

4. Wunderlist

This application allows you to regulate all-all-all the things that you have planned. You can directly add all letters to the to-do-list directly from the mail, so you can then view them. Wunderlist is suitable for those who need more organization of non-working hours. Available on all devices that you have (except for the calculator).

5. Paper by Fifty Three

An excellent sketchbook for the iPad (free), which has been around for several years, but hasn’t come up with anything better. A wonderful resource for sketching, to illustrate what you cannot explain in words. And just for fun (and even children can be reassured). All in all, a great app.

6. Upper

A free application in which you can plan a list of tasks for a day / week / month and monitor the schedule of your productivity. You can also choose a color design - red, black or white.

7. Dragon Mobile Assistant

But this is for owners of smartphones on Android - voice control is available there. Record important goals, search the Internet, check mail and just chat with your smartphone.

8. HaikuJam

If you need to compose something with a team (or you are just fooling around) - this application is ideal for poetry experiments and for sharing photos. Free for iOS, Android.

9. TripIt

The application for iOS, Android controls all your routes, and you can share them with your mom / colleagues / friends / second half. Ideal for controlling your movements in time and space if you have a lot of business trips.

10. Sleep Better ( iOS , Android )

You also need to sleep wisely. Or rather calm and good, so we advise you to use a smart alarm clock. This one, for example.

11. Constructor resume from icanchoose.ru

We sincerely believe that our designer helps young professionals to find work, present themselves in the most favorable light, and find their strengths and weaknesses. We have created a constructor for everyone who is ready for change.

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