Apple announced another potential Blackberry buyer

    There is a new potential contender for the purchase of the manufacturer of smartphone Blackberry . The news that Apple could buy the company has led to a temporary increase in Blackberry's stock price. May 11, the value of shares increased by 6% - from $ 9.9 to $ 10.5 apiece.

    However, already on Tuesday she began to fall. To date, one share of Blackberry costs $ 10.2. The company's capitalization does not exceed $ 5.4 billion.

    According to experts of Zacks Equity Research, Blackberry is of interest due to the presence of 44 thousand patents for mobile technology. It also includes the technology of predictive text input that users love.

    Different companies were mentioned as potential buyers of Blackberry, reportsCNews. In January 2015, it became known that it could be bought by Samsung. This led to a rise in the price of Blackberry shares by 30%. However, after refuting this information on stocks, the previous prices were established.

    In 2012, it was assumed that Microsoft would buy the company. In 2013, they expected the same from Lenovo.

    In addition, in September 2013, Blackberry was planning to buy out a consortium led by the Fairfax Financial Holdings fund for $ 4.7 billion. But a month later it turned out that the consortium members could not find the opportunity to raise the required amount.

    In the same year, Thorsten Heins was removed from the post of CEO. His place was taken by John Chen. At the beginning of 2014, the new CEO spoke about further plans for the development of the company. It was decided to focus on smartphones with a QWERTY keyboard, which Blackberry has always been famous for. So, such models as the Blackberry Passport , the Blackberry Classic in the classic design, as well as the low-cost touchscreen devices BlackBerry Z3 and Leap were released.

    Despite the growth of financial indicators since 2013, the share of Blackberry in the global smartphone market continues to decline. According to IDC estimates, in the IV quarter of 2011 its share was 8.1%, in 2013 it fell to 0.6%, and in 2014 decreased by another 0.2%.

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