Service for distance learning for schoolchildren YaKlass raised 12 million rubles in the form of loans

    The Moscow Seed Fund and a private investor have funded an educational project YaKlass in the amount of 12 million rubles in the form of loans. The money will be directed to the development of the project in the regions, CNews reports . Earlier, YaKlass attracted investments from Almaz Capital and Vesna Investment, in 2014 the project became a member of the accelerated program of IIDF and Microsoft.

    Subscription for parents and schoolchildren brings income to the site (290 rubles per month or 690 rubles per year), corporate subscription for schools and advertising on the site. More than 15 thousand schools in Russia, the CIS and the Baltic countries are connected to the system. The CEO of the company notes that since 2013, the audience has grown more than three times. Starting September 1, 2015, a German-language version of the system will appear in Germany and Austria.

    YaKlass - a solution for secondary schools to optimize the work of teachers and additional education of students. The Genexis platform, on the basis of which the service is built, allows you to create tasks in different versions. Each student can study according to an individual program, and homework cannot be written off. The gamification element encourages students to work harder.

    The Genexis platform was originally written in C ++ in the 1990s by Alexander Gurtov, professor at the Russian Institute for Education Informatization. The official launch of the YaKlass project took place in March 2013.

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