Frivolous post

    April 1 is not only a day of jokes and laughter, but also the birthday of our legal-reference system for accountant " Standard ". Once we decided to collect a collection of strange laws from around the world and place them in the “Humor in Law” section, which every user of our web service can see. More than 200 laws have been gained. The top 10 unusual, in our opinion, standards are published today for you. Let there be more positive emotions and fewer unfulfilled laws in our life:

    1. In Italy it is forbidden to eat pasta with your feet.

    2. In Australia, people are forbidden to tell jokes to lions.

    3. In India, women are forbidden to give birth to 11 children in a row, at a time.

    4. In India it is forbidden to die in rainy weather.

    5. In Ireland, a person is forbidden to look in the mirror if he looks like an elk.

    6. In Belgium, a student who does not have a half-year pass will receive an IPhone 4.

    7. In Australia, it is illegal to wear hot pink trousers on Sunday afternoon.

    8. In Greece, men are forbidden to look in the eyes of mother-in-law.

    9. In the US, the state of Vermont is prohibited from whistling underwater.

    10. In Denmark, a man who saw his girlfriend without makeup for the first time should give her 51 roses.

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