ru-Net Leonid Boguslavsky continues to invest in foreign e-commerce projects

    According to the publication Kommersant, Leonid Boguslavsky invested 5 million euros in the German online platform DaWanda. Earlier, the Boguslavsky fund ru-Net has already invested in this project. DaWanda is Europe's largest Internet service, combining products from stores and entrepreneurs in the field of designer and handmade products.

    In January, the ru-Net venture capital fund entered the number of DaWanda investors in a closed round of 25 million euros. The round was also attended by the American Insight Venture Partners fund, co-owner of DaWanda, which bought out a controlling stake, the fund of the German business incubator Rocket Internet and the investment company Kersiwood. The funds received will be used to further develop the project in the international market.

    In 2013, ru-Net, together with Insight Venture Partners, invested 4 million euros in DaWanda, with an estimate of 50 million euros. The Boguslavsky Foundation also has a stake in Delivery Hero, a German food delivery service, and in one of India’s largest e-commerce platforms, Snapdeal.

    DaWanda service is launched in 10 countries, such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Switzerland. In 2014, the company's revenue amounted to 150 million euros. The project has the greatest profit in the markets of Germany and France. According to ru-Net, DaWanda's revenue is growing at an average of 100% per year. According to the company, the service has about 5 million subscribers and 3.5 million active customers.

    Andrei Romanenko, managing partner of Run Capital, notes: “Online retail has been in the investor top for more than a year, but the latest trend is investments in niche projects with the potential for international scaling.”

    A similar project ( "Fair Masters" ) is in Russia. eBay also provides such services. DaWanda's strongest competitor is Etsy, an American service that operates worldwide. launched in 2005. In 2014, the company began selling industrial goods, which affected its revenue: over the year, it grew from $ 125 million to $ 196. However, the loss for the year increased 19 times (up to $ 15.2 million).

    It is known that in the near future Etsy plans to conduct an IPO and raise $ 100 million.

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