The truth about computer scientists: what do they write about us there?

    My acquaintance system administrator drives his own sports car, an acquaintance programmer takes part in overseas boat rides, another programmer is actively engaged in diving, and a system architect is an avid hunter. Not one of them fits into the popularly advertised image of a crooked pimpled and clogged nerd computer geek, neither in appearance, nor in behavior, nor in lifestyle, nor in hobbies. But who invents all this and for what? I propose to find examples of such creativity and collect them here in this post.

    1. At the beginning of the post frame from the movie Down House

    For some reason, many imagine the programmer just like that.

    2. In the film "Social Network", everything is adjusted so that Zuckerberg made Facebook in order to establish relations with the girls.

    But in fact, Mark had a constant girlfriend before the creation of FaceBook, and he even talks about this in an interview:

    By the way, in the interview it is clear that he is not at all the same asocial type with which he was presented in the cinema.

    3. System administrators usually represent everything as in the ITCrowd series:

    People with complexes living in the basement.
    Or so:

    In general, asocial personalities. By the way, I personally know several system administrators who have reached the rank of top managers in large companies. Well there: CFO, CEO, etc. In general, extremely antisocial "administrators."

    4. Hackers
    Everyone for some reason is sure that Hackers are shkolota. This idea was worked out in a Russian film} {ott @ b) h:
    And also in a foreign film:

    You’ll laugh, but usually these are quite typical “brothers”, albeit extremely intelligent.

    5. Gamers usually imagine everything like this:

    Although in fact, they can be like this:

    By the way, I really met girls with gamers. I went to bed, and my girlfriend all night could chopped off in Diablo II, sitting at my computer naked.

    6. Electronic engineers, repairers, metalworkers seem to be approximately as follows:

    Although they are approximately like this:

    - By the way, in the frame of the dlinyj habrolovek . The journalist looks especially funny in this video.

    Let's expand this list of what they wrote about computer scientists in films, in commercials, in articles, etc.

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