January 25 trial will take place on the "tax on discs"

    Let me remind you that on October 18 last year, the Russian Society for Related Rights, or simply ROSP, filed a lawsuit against the Federal Service for the Supervision of Legislation on the Protection of Cultural Heritage (Rosokhrankultura). The full chronology of the case can be found on the corresponding page of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation (by the way, viewing the chronology of cases on this site is well organized). In the lawsuit, ROSP asks to cancel the order of Rosokhrankultura, according to which the RSP headed by Mikhalkov received the right to collect "remuneration for the free reproduction of phonograms and audiovisual works for personal purposes" or, if simpler, "tax on blanks". The exact time of the trial in this case was determined - January 25 of this year, 16:35 (in Moscow, of course).

    Unfortunately, the matter concerns only the revision of the right of the RSP to collect "tax on discs," and not the abolition of the tax itself. But this is not bad either - if the order itself is declared illegal, the legality of the tax itself can also be called into question. In any case, if the RSP is defeated in court, then there will be no one to collect the tax, it will take some time to find the suitable organization - the “collector”. During this time, it is hoped that there will be those who protest the tax itself.

    It should be noted that the ROSP is acting rather cleverly - the order of Rosokhrankultura to approve the composition of the accreditation commission is disputed . Cancellation of the order will entail the cancellation of the decision of the accreditation commission itself.

    Now the wave of protests against the "tax on discs" has somehow subsided, although most recently the RSP received a lot of letters with blank carriers and 30 copecks of the same tax. It is not known whether this action was upset by the leadership of the RSP, headed by Mikhalkov, but the action was sensational.

    By the way, all this bickering still raises some concerns - what if the court makes a curious decision when considering the lawsuit, or after canceling the order (and the probability is quite high), the RSP and ROSP will also manage the tax ... In general, we hope that everything is going for the better, not everyone is being pessimistic, right?

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