InterDigital Sells Intel Patent Package

    On Habré, the company InterDigital is mentioned quite often, and solely in connection with information about patents (the company often behaved like a typical patent troll, due to the large number of patents owned by it). In 2011, there was news that InterDigital was going to put up a package of company-owned patents for sale, and potential buyers mentioned a wide variety. But the package was sold only now, and Intel was the buyer.

    The total number of patents purchased by Intel was 1,700, and the amount that the corporation paid was $ 375 million. At the same time, no shares or valuable boom were involved in the transaction - payment is carried out exclusively in cash. As far as you can understand, the deal is quite large, and it will be closed only by the fall of 2012.

    Interestingly, these 1,700 patents are just a fraction of the total number of patents held by InterDigital. Intel bought mainly papers related to wireless technologies, including 3G, LTE, WiFi.

    By the way, a few weeks ago, Huawei sued InterDigital, accusing the defendant of numerous violations of antitrust laws, including very high prices for the use of its patents.


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