Intel bought a package of patents from Aware

    Now many large companies are being purchased with the necessary patents in order to successfully resist the onslaught of patent trolls (or in order to attack competitors - also an option). For the sake of patents, whole departments of the largest corporations (Google and Motorola Mobility) are sometimes bought, or patents for huge amounts are purchased (Microsoft and AOL). Intel has also recently acquired a patent package from Aware.

    True, the transaction amount is not so big - 75 million dollars. The deal itself can be considered a major one, but of course, if compared with a similar operation from Microsoft, then this is a trifle. Intel decided to acquire patents that relate to network technologies, including wi-fi, LTE, as well as smart home networks.

    Aware itself is engaged in the development of technologies for fields such as biometrics, telecommunications and medical equipment. Now the company has decided to sell part of its patents, as it intends to focus on creating software, rather than hardware, software. In the future, Aware plans to sell another portion of its patents that were not purchased by Intel.

    According to Intel executives, purchased patents will help organize better protection in the event of patent wars. So far, the deal between Intel and Aware is being considered by regulators, but experts believe that everything will go smoothly and there will be no problems.

    Via wsj

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