Three issues of regional online publications

To begin with, I work for a small provincial company that publishes a fairly large newspaper, an online news resource, and several other print projects. In this short article I want to share some problems in the promotion, promotion and relevance of “local” news resources.

I myself am a system administrator, editor, designer, programmer, telephone operator, and the “editor” proudly flaunts the workbook, which actually leads us to the first problem.


The problem is extremely widespread and not new, therefore I will go over it only in passing. “Tyzhprogrammer” and, in fact, nothing more to say. In my opinion, the problem is a lack of funding, or a fear of financing.

A poorly versed guide to the essence of publishing a publication on the network does not burn with a desire to invest in human resources whose task is not particularly clear to them.

Oh, wait a minute. Of course, it’s not difficult for management to explain who the web designer is and why he is needed, just like a promoted CEO. But you try to explain why it should be different people in a good way and why you cannot do all this. “Tyzhprogrammer.”

If you start to paint, prove, and even worse give up the work you are not supposed to, then you will most likely be fired and they will hire a young man of all trades, who will become both the administrator and the designer and everyone else for 15 thousand a month.

As a result, we have a simply terrifying design for the vast majority of provincial Internet resources. I’m not only talking about the media, go to any site of the administration of any city.

The solution here can be only one - occupying a leadership position by an understanding person who is focused on work. And what is important, the organization’s awareness that a modern web resource is a whole range of activities, costs, and time. A lot of time.


As I said, my organization has been publishing a newspaper all my life. This is today its main goal and task. But at the same time, “from above” they want to see more and more integration of regions in the global information network.
It would seem, what kind of problems may arise with personnel and the content of the site with content? But here it is not so

Inveterate journalists who have worked for 10-15 years in a newspaper point blank do not understand why sites do not care how many lines they will write. They do not understand the style and presentation of notes. They are accustomed to paint everything in detail, beautifully with noble journalistic stylistic turns of speech. Believe me, it’s very, very difficult to ask such journalists to write briefly and succinctly and not stretch the story about the georic lawn planting in the park by such and such a party for 8 paragraphs.

But the worst is time. You see, a journalist in a newspaper (even if a newspaper like ours is daily) leaves for work on the job in the morning, arrives late in the evening, unsubscribes, the corrector checks it, the text is sent to typesetting and only in the morning the article is published. They are not in a hurry. Pouring a person into the rhythm is very difficult. To explain that an account on the Internet on news sites does not even go for hours - for minutes it is extremely difficult. It requires a complete restructuring of the brain and a different perception of the information flow.

Of course, it’s much easier to fire the old squad and get a new one, designed for the given goals, but this is too radical. In addition, many provincial leaders simply cannot believe in the death of print media.

The issue of the death of print media is certainly controversial, and I want to say that the circulation of absolutely all newspapers is falling. And fall rapidly, every day. If it’s completely honest - today the publications only keep on voluntary-compulsory subscriptions of schools, hospitals and other social services. institutions. It all depends on the influence of leadership. Do not believe the statistics. Today's live subscriber is a grandmother from a remote village.

Sooner or later, one way or another, management will have to make a choice - newspaper or website.


Those. I want to say something. Do you need it? If something very global happens in your region, you will definitely read it on, and the articles with the headings “The best librarian works in Storozhovka” and “The Ministry of Agriculture of the Region forecasts to collect 3.7 million tons of grain this year”. Seriously. Do you need it?

Want to tell you what sites in my region do traffic to? By the way, moving away from the topic, the average site traffic in my region is from 2000 to 10000 per day. And they come mainly to read the news about action plans for the City Day, about turning off the water in such and such areas, and of course to headlines like “For a kick to the policeman, when executed by a Saratov police officer, he’ll“ shine ”up to 5 years in prison.”

Criminality is generally a separate issue. No one is stingy with her. People this is hawala. Hawal, hawl and will haw. Crime on such resources as pornography on young trackers - to attract users. There is not much left of the media here, and the public VKontakte is able to cope with the action plan for the city’s day.

I do not want to say that local news resources are not needed. I want to say that what they write is rubbish.
Urban portals will include relevance and usefulness, including a news feed as one of the many useful services for citizens.

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