Internet is becoming the main source of news

    The American research organization Pew Research Center has published the results of a study on the trends in the popularity of news platforms over the past decade.

    Without further ado, the graph shows that traditional media are rapidly losing ground as a news source. On average, in terms of audience, only television remains a competing platform for the Internet.

    If we ignore the “average temperature in the hospital” and look at the data for individual age groups, the picture is even more dramatic.

    For the vast majority (65%) of Americans aged 18-29, the Internet has already become the main source of news for two years, having doubled its share since 2006.

    For users 30-49 years old, the increasing schedule of the Internet is rapidly moving towards the falling schedule of "television". Newspapers, as the source of news for this age category, have lost the most over the decade.

    And even among the oldest group (over 65 years old), the Internet soared from 1% to 14%, catching up even and even slightly ahead of the radio.

    Yes, these figures are American, but they once again emphasize the general trend - there are no competitors to the Internet in the news and information segment.

    Detailed graphs and other data are available on the Pew Research Center website .

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