The seven elements of a lasting, very lasting community

    On a blog about community-based tricks on the Internet, Richard Millington proposed a set of rules for building a solid community.

    Together, these seven elements look quite radical, each of them is valid not only for the Internet, but also for real life, and in each of them there is both usefulness and applicability.

    So, for people to come together in a community, the following elements are needed:
    • Common enemies . Having enemies is a great way to rally a community. For Greenpeace, this rule is easily enforceable, but do you have an enemy?
    • Common goals . The salvation of the Chilean miners is a worthy occasion for unification. Let people feel involved.
    • Defense against attack . Violence is not necessary. Even verbal criticism can be regarded as an attack. Have you ever seen sports fans (music lovers, political supporters) rallying to protect yourself from attack?
    • Fear . There is a difference between a real attack and the presence of a threat. Fear is a proven way to bring people together. Sometimes fear is also positive, but more often it is negative. You can positively use the fear of failure, the fear of letting others make a mistake. Fear of being beaten by a competitor, etc. ...
    • Separation into friends and foes . In the presence of a clear distinction between friends and foes, people are united more closely. Five Londoners who never talk to each other at home in the London Underground will be much more sociable in the Beijing subway.
    • Great achievements . Achieving something wonderful brings the group together, especially if everyone feels that they are part of the whole. Election of a candidate. Press coverage. Achieving an important milestone. Common achievements give people pride.
    • General experience . One of the strongest binding elements. People are more likely to unite if they have gone through something good or bad together. Participation in events, a joint trip, any joint experience makes people closer.
    If your community has at least some of these connecting elements - you can not worry.

    Worry if there are none at all.

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