“Why did Computerra close? Gunpowder has ended ... "Reflections of Evgeny Kozlovsky

    We have already read the last issue and column of the issuing editor. We have already discussed the details of the reasons for the closure and we know where the full ( well, almost ) Computers archive is .

    But few people heard the thoughts of the former editor-in-chief *:

    “I have been connected with“ Computerra ”for a very long time and a lot. For more than ten years I wrote there, edited for five years, until the last issue I remained her columnist ("gardener") - and all that jazz. Nostalgia is clear and justified. But the death of the magazine is clear and justified. Let's say softer: closing ... ending ...

    How nor sort out the reasons (which I intend to do thesis thesis) - the main one: the gunpowder is over.

    So, the first: the global trend for journalism to go online. There is a Big Grunt about this: they say that real journalism is dying, it is being replaced by a sloppy cursive with typos and errors - but when, at what technology change did this grumble not occur? ..

    The second, closely connected with the first: went online and advertising ... "

    * Evgeny Kozlovsky

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