The newspaper advertising market fell already before 1996

    The US print market is falling ever lower. The US Newspaper Association has summed up the depressing results of the last six months. In just six months, newspaper advertising revenue fell from $ 22 billion to $ 18.8 billion. The fall in the print market by 16% in the second quarter of 2008 is an absolute record for the entire history of the American press (the previous record was set in the first quarter).

    Of course, there is only one reason for the decline of the publishing industry - the Internet. Promotion of online versions does not save newspapers: the share of online advertising is only 8% of their income. True, the profit from the Internet is growing every month, but so far too slowly.

    As you can see in the diagram, print revenue has been declining almost continuously for nine consecutive quarters, starting from Q2. 2006 year. It seemed that there was nowhere worse, but now it is clear that the crisis is becoming even more acute. The circulation of American newspapers has decreased by one and a half times over the past five years. The advertising market reached the level of 1996 and continues to fall.

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