"Our Abroad"

    Hello dear community members.

    I present to you my new project! "Our Abroad . "

    Each post on this blog is an interview with an interesting person living abroad.

    Our people are everywhere! They filled the world from Argentina to Alaska. Do you want to know how the inhabitants of the former USSR live abroad? What do they breathe and eat, how do they spend their leisure time and where do they work, how much do they earn and spend? This site will tell the whole truth about the lives of our people in different countries. Welcome!

    So far, the blog has two interviews with Roman Konovalov , who lives in the UAE and with Maxim Lukashov , who lives in New Zealand. Soon you will be able to read interviews with people from the USA and Australia.

    I invite everyone who is interested in live stories of people living abroad to subscribe to the blog RSS feed.

    Among my readers, for sure, there are those who have moved to another country. If you want to participate in the project as an interviewee, then leave a comment and I will contact you.

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