Writing texts for cars: why are journalists hysterical?

    As you know, online media receive a large share of traffic from search engines. Accordingly, in online journalism it is very important that the keywords are correctly spelled out in the articles, and the heading itself is as simple and clear as possible, preferably using the same keywords.

    The above requirements are very different from the requirements of the print media. It’s the opposite. For example, the same headings are often made abstruse and ambiguous, and the meaning of the heading is deciphered in the lead.

    It got to the point that some newspapers began to publish on the site two headlines. One headline - smart and sophisticated - is located on the first page of the site and should attract human readers. The second heading - simple, literal - in the text of the article. For example, editors of the BBC News website usually do this for large articles. Last year, the NY Times published an interesting article on this topic.

    It would seem that everything is clear - online journalism forces you to write texts taking into account the requirements of search engines. But for some reason, some journalists are terribly annoyed by the fact that they write for cars. Why such arrogance and unwillingness to learn SEO techniques is not entirely clear.

    In fact, there is nothing complicated. Just need to redo the headers byspecific algorithm . Here, too, there is where to show literary talent.

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