Technorati published quarterly blogosphere development report

    The most famous blog search service Technorati has published its next quarterly report on the development of the blogosphere. This statistical report is based on data processed by the service itself.

    General statistics The
    blogosphere has become an integral part of the Web - it is a fact. Over the past four years that Technorati has been following the blogosphere, it has been growing steadily. Technorati now tracks about 70 million blogs. Every day their number increases by 120 thousand, that is, 1.4 blogs appear every second!

    During the latest blogosphere development report in October 2006, there was a slowdown in doubling the size of the blogosphere. Although this is not surprising, since here we are dealing with the law of large numbers - an increase from 35 million blogs to 70 million blogs is about 320 days, and from 5 million to 10 - about 180 days.

    1.5 million messages per day.
    There is also a slowdown in the number of messages written per day. Although in the days of any upheavals and significant events, one can observe a significant increase in new posts. So, for example, last summer, when a conflict broke out between Israel and Hezbollah. The general trend is that the volume of posted messages is growing at a slower pace: now 1.5 million messages are published daily (17 posts per second), and in October 2006, 1.3 million messages were written (15 posts per second) )

    The popularity of blogs
    In previous reports, Technorati compared the popularity of media sites to blogs. It is worth noting one interesting point - in April 2007, the number of blogs that made it to the 100 most popular sites increased sharply. In the third quarter of 2006, the top 100 featured 12 blogs. In the fourth quarter, 22 blogs were already listed. It is safe to say that now blogs can, if not supplant the media, then certainly stand in the same row with them.

    Most popular language
    As for the language, most blogs are written in Japanese (37%). Followed by English-language blogs (36%). Third place is taken by Chinese blogs with their 8%. Italian blogs outnumbered the Spaniards in number (both about 3%). And in fifth place, with 2% of the total, are our native Russian-language blogs.

    Tags, tags, and again tags ...
    Now we can observe a phenomenal increase in the popularity of tags. The explosive growth that we see in the Technorati index is reflected in all social networks of the Network, including Flickr, YouTube and other similar sites.

    Technorati now tracks over 230 million posts using tags or categories. The number of people using tags is also growing very rapidly. As of February 2007, 35% of all posts contained tags.

    Every month, bloggers write posts with tags more often. About 2.5 million blogs contained at least one tagged post written in February 2007.

    70 million blogsAbout 120,000 new blogs every day, or ... 1.4 blogs per secondAbout 3,000-7,000 new fake or spam blogs daily11,000 new spam blogs per day last December1.5 million posts per day, or. ..17 posts per second An increase in the number of blogs from 35 to 75 million takes 320 days; 22 blogs were in the top 100 sites in the fourth quarter of 2006. Most blogs were written in Japanese (37% of the total) In English - 36% of the total in English posts written around the clock; 230 million posts from In February 2007, 35% of posts were tagged In February, 2.5 million blogs posted at least one tagged post.

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