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    • Adults play Lego
    • Blog for programmers
    • Questions when applying for a job
    • What is the main thing in a woman?
    • Linux games
    • Network critics
    • and much more...

    Readers of reviews quick people to violence. The last time the article was with a light “strawberry” taste, for which he received a wonderful set of curses on the newspaper’s website. True, there were approximately the same number of positive reviews. So the question torments me: “Is there sex on Mars? That is, in our country. ” I searched at home - I definitely do not. So do not blame me for licentiousness and vulgarity, I'm a hypocrite worse than you.

    In my childhood there was no Lego constructor. I think most readers of the newspaper too. We had such huge plastic designers that we carried to school and built all kinds of abstract designs from them. But time passed, the bourgeoisie command the minds of modern children, and modern children in hysterics demand from their mothers and fathers to buy a Danish designer for them. But adults do not give up and secretly from children also play Lego. Of course, in an adult way . I warn in advance: by reference - calls for drug addiction and alcoholism.

    But this blog, I think, will appeal to programmers. And it doesn’t matter what language you are programming in, everyone will find something useful. I haven’t found it because I’m not a programmer and I don’t like this blog at all, because I don’t understand anything about it. Okay, stop intriguing you. The blog publishes a variety of source code (nothing in Spanish?), As the description says: "For your visual and intellectual pleasure." Sorts for php, oracle, C ++ and other languages ​​are already published.

    The newspaper publishes chess puzzles, and I love chess. At the unforgettable forum of the one and only KV, someone casually mentioned that Anatoly Karpov was not a real champion. If he is not real, then how could he beat Viktor Korchnoi? Or is Korchnoi a fake chess player? I suggest reading the opinion of Anglofil about Viktor Lvovich Korchnoi and his book. Perhaps you will look at chess differently. From myself, I also want to recommend Kasparov’s book “Unlimited Duel”.

    Listen, is it possible that, in spite of all my efforts, you still do not know what a “blog” is and why it is needed? Ai-ai-ai, you can say life passes by you. After all, blogs have long been successfully used to promote their own business. Although some irresponsible comrades continue to argue that blogs are entertainment for preoccupied graphomaniacs. Maybe this article will convince you otherwise .

    Continuing the topic of inadequate response to blogs, I bring to your attention the article " About blogging and reaction to it"Yes. There are people on the planet who are very annoyed by blogs and everything connected with them, and they periodically“ open their eyes ”to what happens to everyone who happens to be nearby. Be sure to read this note, perhaps you have many criticisms disappear.

    The shooter in his laboratory fervently tells about his adventures in the clinic . I too can not get the second week to the urologist (hello, hypocrisy!), because when I work after I go to the clinic, the doctor coupons have a strange feature akanchivatsya. So I go all the sick and dangerous to society.

    Kolesnik in his blog publishes most questions compilationthat the employer can ask you when applying for a job. There are quite funny, and sometimes frankly incomprehensible ones. For example: “How many coins do you need to put one on another to get to the moon?” What do you think is checked by such a question?

    The blogger considers the word " Wait " from all sides . Not even the word itself, but our expectations with you, when we really want something. We are waiting for the kettle to boil, at the stop we are waiting for the trolley bus, and if it’s larger, then the next salary or the World Cup. And, in fact, waiting is very nice.

    Women's opinion on blogs is a rare thing, therefore more valuable. Anelka expresses her opinion on the question " What is most important in a woman?"I was always surprised that women and men evaluate themselves and the opposite sex in completely different ways. I still tend to think that we are from different planets. I have no other explanation for this difference of opinion.

    Exler was concerned about the problem of noise reduction . Too much coolers are noisy, although they cool the system blog properly. It turns out (I didn’t know about such devices) that there are special fans rotation controllers that are mounted in the five-inch slot of the case, and coolers are connected directly to this device. s to follow all the technical innovations?

    Internet business today publishes interesting statisticsthat 89% of Internet users share site materials by email. These statistics are interesting, first of all, to those who write and distribute various computer viruses. So, dear Internet users, change your strategy.

    A manic weblog shares some of its favorite programs with us . I draw attention to this note because these programs work under Ubuntu (one of the Linux distributions) and may be of interest to all fans of this alternative Windows system.

    The Linux theme continues on MadDog's Blog. Linux users, in principle, are deprived of entertainment, games are created primarily for the Windows platform, but the author of this blog took care of the users of the penguin OS and talks about gamesthat can be easily installed on a Linux system.

    In search of usability, it really finds convenient solutions for us. This time the blog advises us " How to get the most out of MS Outlook ." Many snort: “And what prevents you from simply switching to The Bat! or any other email client? ”The fact is that MS Outlook is a standard in many companies and it simply will not be allowed to change to a more convenient mailer.

    A funny problem comes up on the intruder's register blog. How funny, so insoluble: how to dictate your email address over the phone so that it is understood. There are several solutions, but none of them is universal. I join the author and ask the public to brainstorm about this.

    The Information Bureau informs us that, it turns out, there are network critics (hello to all Habr’s commentators!). Not only do they exist, but they also know better than the author himself how he should write and what he should write. And in the same blog, as a counterweight, the article " Dear" writers "! ". Now it goes to nuts for all graphomaniacs and novice journalists. The main idea is to learn. But do not engage in self-education, pay money for seminars, master classes and other similar courses. I strongly recommend everyone to read it.

    On the eve of the imminent men's / women's folk holidays, the Stranger than Fiction blog reflects on possible gifts. How many times have I read such tips, but never learned how to choose gifts. Yes, I'm not the most romantic boyfriend, I don’t like to give flowers at all. But, I hope, this note will help someone to please a loved one. is pitted by the two most successful Internet portal Google and Yahoo. Well, okay, do not bleed, but compared. In addition, MSN is gaining momentum and may soon become the third rival in this fun game.

    And on, the author talks about a personal rating of paper magazines . You might also be interested in some of the listed media. The topic, of course, corresponds to the blog - marketing.

    It should also be noted how bloggers in a friendly chorus noted the same notes about the release of a new version of the Firefox browser, the appearance of a chat on Google and the closure of the popular blog of our compatriot Denis Perekhrest . Probably less will be written about the end of the world.

    Your personal aggregator Aleksey KHALETSKY

    Published in Computer News (No. 7, 2006)

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