Blog Review # 11 Colds

    drove all people and hamsters into their minks and do not let go for a walk-frolic in the fresh frosty air. Perhaps this explains a large number of interesting blog posts. It is noteworthy that they wrote not only about crazy thermometers and the Arctic summer. With our inherent optimism, we find lines warming us in the cold.

    The first thing I want to share with you is the diary of a freezing Muscovite . Its author, Oleg Kozyrev, has been keeping his non-cooling diary for seven days now. And over the week, the popularity of this blog has grown so much that soon comics on this topic and, possibly, a humorous television series will appear. And you say blogs are bullshit. Bullshit is when it is enviable.

    And immediately, to present the other side of the coin, Ivan Golota publishes a list of blogging dangers in the ru_lj_review community . What I liked most was the appeal at the end of the article, which I hasten to join: "If you remember that LJ is not a communication end in itself, but mainly a means of establishing and maintaining completely real connections and relationships, then nothing terrible will happen to you."

    Manic Weblog shares with us its serious knowledge of CSS. In detail, with explanations in Russian, the differences between the attributes of the HTML elements "id" and "class" are described. I, a man tortured by frontpages and other visual editors, have learned a lot from this article. And most importantly - I do not have to be a html encoder.

    Another article about modifying CSS on the blog . In this case, we consider ways to change the CSS code that let the user know that he has already visited the page to which a specific link to the site leads. Several code variants from various well-known programmers are given.

    You know, I like the futurists the most among poets. Kruchenykh, Mayakovsky, Northerner, Burliuk ... I think everyone went through the school curriculum a wonderful verse, “And could you?”, This is where about the nocturne on the drainpipe flute. Appreciate my delight when in LJ I came acrossa photograph of a house whose gutters look like flutes! And the house itself, as if from the Twisted Poem.

    Kolesnik talks about a new unit of measurement of working time and project planning - the Time Modulator . Another look from a new angle on planning your own life. It is proposed to break your day into halves of 40-45 minutes (like lessons at school) and after each such half, take a break for rest. I am horrified at presenting my creative process under such a regime - just sit down to think over and outline a rough plan for a future article, already a break.

    I immediately warn you that it is better not to go to the impressionable and with a weak stomach link. Pavel Protasov in detail, with photos, talks about the autopsy of a person. A typical autopsy in a provincial morgue, in which there is not even a refrigerator. Once I wanted to become a surgeon and even attended an autopsy, but I was scared to read this article.

    It's nice that HvosT has become a regular KV reader thanks to blog reviews. But an unpleasant note in his blog, to which I give a link . The article is called Plagiarism in Computer News. Of course, I’m not at all happy that such an unscrupulous author, referred to in the HvosT’s blog, decided to substitute “KV”. But, the Internet is not a place where you can discreetly steal text and feel with impunity. Thanks to the readers who read the newspaper from cover to cover and point a finger at such plagiarists.

    submits to the publiceditorial life of the men's magazine MAXIM. Not all, of course, but only one editor, who directly from sunny Switzerland fell into Russian social reality. Almost O'Henry.

    An interesting blog in which I find it difficult to single out a single article for the week separately is Marketing In a Small Town . By opening this blog, you start reading from the first article and go down the text all the way down, to the second article, to the third ... What the blog is about, as the name implies. But everything is written in a living language, with funny stories and life examples. For example, the statement that Pavlov discovered not conditioned reflexes, but branding. Or a story about a business model in which doing nothing is a success factor. You are not reading yet?

    Roman Romanov suddenly decided to re-read The Three Musketeers and found thatthe book is very harmful to youth. In addition, the Soviet cinema of the same name has little in common with the novel of Comrade Dumas. The result of the whole article: patriots should hate the novel, but it will be very suitable for the fascists. Pretty controversial, don’t you?

    A blog with the English name Software Review , but with Russian-language texts, talks about the Google service , which allows you to browse through mobile phones and PDA sites that do not have a Wap version.

    Igor Bely (not a relative) shows and teaches us a very entertaining physical trick-joke . It turns out that some colors do not flip in the lenses! For example, red rays have a different refractive index, which differs sharply from the generally accepted one.

    PR tooltrying to teach us how to write press releases so that as many sites as possible publish them. Moreover, there are tips on distributing press releases so that you do not have to manually send out letters to each media. I remember that I once sent out a press release in which I composed the story of a janitor Ilya Kuzmich from Alibegov Street. Despite the slight craziness of the text, it was still published by some sites. But even more letters came to me, in which it was strongly recommended to stop the foolishness and write sane texts. It looks like I still haven't been able to.

    Oh, they love and know how to have fun on the promised land. isr_max talks about Israeli jokes in the early ninetiesover your own parliament. Of course, there was only a fraction of the joke in the joke. In fact, the people elected thus passed the test of mercantility and parasitism. Most of it did not pass.

    The pin tells us about the dawn of cyberporn . Let your palms not sweat, the link is nothing lecherous. Almost encyclopedic information about how eroticism got out when there were no leased lines, and the fastest modems were 2400 baud. Can you imagine, then there was no jpeg ?! Everything forbidden lay in small heaps on BBS, and some system administrators traded in disks at $ 100 apiece. Wild time.

    Macide magazine has a great game. Its meaning is to take a whole literary work and stuff it into a single sms. For example, this is: "You are evil, I will leave you. Chatsky." At the moment, more than 20 pages with comments!

    Stop Me If You Think ... shares with us a dystopia about buying a book in 2018 . Quote: “Have you not heard that for five years now, as the copyright for all books has been forever transferred to the American Association of Book Publishers. Or do you want me, as a member of the sect, Dmitry Sklyarov, to be imprisoned for life?”

    A sad story about what life does to people. Indeed, many do not even remember why and when they received the first two. My behavior has always been bad luck. And nearby were people graduating from school with a gold medal, an institute with a red diploma. What for? Have they achieved their goal? What happened to them? Maybe everything is the same as the girl Lida from the diary?

    Svaja treats us with a great story about the Hungarian Medeus - her former lover and building a relationship with him. A rather unusual position for a girl, perhaps typical of the current generation of youth: “Why should a girl experience unearthly delight after seeing all these bouquets-sweets-sonnets? I see that it doesn’t give you any pleasure yourself, but just“ it’s supposed to be done, so that the girl surrenders. "

    And the last issue of our program is auto - horror .

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    Published in Computer News (No. 4, 2006)

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